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We must continue to ask our friends to join and provide as many opportunities to communicate the message that Scouting is an outstanding value and an outstanding program for preparing our youth for their futures!

Starting in August we encourage units to pass along Buddy Cards to friends via email, text, Nextdoor, Facebook and WhatsApp. We also encourage units to create Facebook Events and hold  In-Person Recruitment Events.

Scouts that recruit a new friend can earn the Recruiter Strip. Recruiter Strips can be bought in the Scout Shop. For more information on the Recruiter Strip | Click  

Buddy Cards

Challenge each Scout in your Unit to share a Buddy Card with at least 1 friend and invite the friend to an in-person or virtual meeting/activity/event.

Buddy Card Instructions | Click

Cub Scout Templates (5 different templates) | Click

Scouts BSA Templates (10 different templates) | Click

If you have any issues with updating a template, please contact your District Professional or email

Facebook Event

Use your Unit Facebook Page to promote your Units Virtual/In-person Kickoff/Open House. Encourage each member of your Unit to share the Facebook Event to their network to promote your awesome Unit and recruit new members! 

Cub Scout Facebook Event Template & Photos  | Click

Scouts BSA Facebook Template & Photos  | Click

Request for Free Geofencing | Click

If you have any issues with updating a template, please contact your District Professional or email

Nextdoor App

Use the Nextdoor App to promote your Unit Kickoff/Meetings/Events. Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub that connects you with the people living in your local area. Encourage each member of your Unit to post in their "Neighborhood"  to recruit new members! 

How to use Nextdoor  | Click

WNY Scouting Resources

Cub Scout Parent Orientation Guide | Click

Cub Scout Tri-Fold  | Click

New Cub Scout Parent 101 PDF | Click

New Cub Scout Parent 101 Video | Click

Navigating BeAScout | Click

Outdoor Adventures Scout Talk | Click

Indoor Activities Scout Talk | Click

Outdoor Adventures & Indoor Activities Scout Talk | Click

National Resources

Sample Scout Talk Video 1 | Click

Sample Scout Talk Video 2 | Click

Welcome to Cub Scouts Video | Click

What is Cub Scouts - 5 Questions Video | Click

Ways for Cub Scouts to Meet | Click

Cub Scout - BeAScout | Click

Scouts BSA - BeAScout | Click

Marketing & Membership Hub | Click

BSA Adult Application

BSA Youth Application

Invitation Manager

Invitation Manger is your leads resource tool. This is where any inquiries from BeAScout will come in and await your response. You can also add leads manually during joining events or from names provided by unit members and send invitations to join that include a link to your unit’s application. There is also a URL and QR code specific to your unit that can be downloaded from this tool to use in your unit’s recruitment efforts.

Using Invitation Manager Dashboard | Video

Adding Leads to Invitation Manager | Video

Processing Leads in Invitation Manager | Video

Using URLs & QR Codes | Video

Application Manager

Application Manager is the place where you review and take action on applications that are submitted by families. Most families expect a response within 24 hours of submitting an application.

Application Manager Dashboard | Video

Accepting Adult Applications | Video

Accepting Youth Applications | Video

Notifications and Reports

When you have actions to take in either Invitation Manager or Application Manager you will receive email and in-tool notifications. You can also use reports to track actions that have been taken in the system and who had joined through the system.

Understanding Online Registration Notifications | Video

Using and Downloading Online Registration Reports | Video

Flyer Request

In an effort to coordinate the Fall Recruitment Events we want each pack, troop or crew to complete the following information. Your District Professional will contact the schools and coordinate the flyer distribution. This will help where you have multiple units recruiting from the same school, your unit will be listed with the other units, on one (1) flyer. If you are planning to conduct a Sign-Up night at the school, you may coordinate with the school.  
We are happy to produce as many recruitment flyers that your unit needs at no cost to you.  We ask that all flyers be made by the council, so we can keep BSA brand identity in line, and we keep track as to where they are being handed out.  We ask units not to produce any on their own, without prior approval.
Please note that some schools this year might not allow flyer distribution our professional staff will let you know the status of your request.

Flyer Request  | Please contact your District Professional