Eagle Service Project Review Process 


Please email a PDF/Digital Copy of the Eagle Service Project Workbook (only the Project proposal sections is required) with Signed Proposal Page E to your District Eagle Coordinator (click here for a list) with the following information:

  • Scout Name
  • Troop Number
  • Scout's Date of Birth
  • Troop Advancement Chair/Eagle Coordinator (Coach) Contact Information for Two Deep Leadership communication.  If email is being sent by a Youth, please copy your Scoutmaster/Advancement Chair/Unit Eagle Coordinator (Coach)

Troops can expect a response within 5 Business Days.  If you haven’t received a response in 5 Days, please email your District Advancement Chair and District Professional.  You need to be aware that the process takes time and this needs to be taken into consideration.  The proposal may require additional information or a meeting before it is approved.  This will be communicated to the Youth & Advancement Chair/Unit Eagle Coordinator (Coach).

Proposal needs to Meet the Five Tests of an Acceptable Eagle Scout Service Project:

Proposal must be prepared first. It is an overview, but also the beginnings of planning. It must show your unit leader, unit committee, and council or district that your project can meet the following tests.

1. It provides sufficient opportunity to meet the Eagle Scout service project requirement. Must show that planning, development, and leadership will take place; and how the three factors will benefit a religious institution, a school, or your community.

2. It appears to be feasible. Must show the project is realistic for you to carry out.

3. Safety issues will be addressed. Must show an understanding of what must be done to guard against injury, and what will be done if someone gets hurt.

4. Action steps for further detailed planning are included. Must make a list of the key steps you will take to make sure your plan will have enough details, so it can be carried out successfully.

5. You are on the right track with a reasonable chance for a positive experience.

When completing proposal, it only needs enough detail to show the reviewer that It can meet the tests above. If showing that it meets the tests requires a lengthy and complicated proposal, the project might be more complex than necessary. Remember, the proposal is only the beginnings of planning. Most of the planning will come with the next step, preparation of the project plan.

Proposals should be reviewed and signed by the Scout, Scoutmaster, Committee (Chair), and Beneficiary before submitting for approval.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact your District Advancement Chair/Professional.