Every Youth Deserves a Trained Leader

Training is an important part of learning to become an effective leader. The important Scouting position you hold will be easier and more effective once you develop the skills necessary to deliver a quality Scouting program every Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Sea Scout, and Venturer, desires. Every youth member of Scouting deserves a Trained Leader.

Trained leaders are critical to the success of Scouting. Every young person involved in the Scouting program needs and deserves a leader who understands the aims of the program and knows how to deliver it with enthusiasm and fun. Trained leaders are more effective at delivering the promise of Scouting because they understand their role, responsibilities, and the resources available to them.


Adult unit leaders are considered trained, and eligible to wear the official “Trained” emblem, once they have completed the basic training requirements outlined below.

Training is a Cornerstone of Effective Scouting Programs Being a leader in the Boy Scouts of America is a privilege, not a right. The quality of our Scouting program and the safety of our youth members require high-quality adult leaders.

NYLT Wood Badge Training
Youth Training University of Scouting
National Quicklinks Power Horn

Council Training Contacts

Council Training Chair Robert Reeves (716) 930-1821
Nundawaga Training Chair Dan Cochrane (585) 880-7259
Onondaga Training Chair Gary Hyla (716) 901-2220
Polaris Training Chair Charlotte Clark (716) 531-3049
Red Jacket Training Chair VACANT    
Seneca Training Chair VACANT    
Towpath Training Chair VACANT    
Council Staff Advisor Daniel Carpenter (607) 331-1193