Birchbark Expeditions – Resource Page

A successful Birchbark Expedition crew is well educated, organized and properly equipped. Here you will find a library of useful educational, informational and recruiting materials, helpful in developing and executing a successful Birchbark Expedition.

Program Promotional Materials

Useful materials to promote and educate your troop or crew about the various programs offered by Birchbark Expeditions.

Program Tri-fold Brochure

General overview of the Birchbark Expeditions most-popular “Flagship” program, designed for first-timers looking to experience canoe tripping on primarily flat water in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Video Content from Birchbark Expeditions YouTube Channel:

Program overview and plan for 2024:

Trek in Algonquin with Troop 483:

Expedition Planning Materials

The NEW Maps by Jeff - the most detailed and useful interactive maps for planning your visit to Algonquin

Advisor Handbook

Designed for the Birchbark Expedition crew advisor, the Leader Information Packet includes the following materials:

  • Training and meeting schedule
  • Travel details
  • Equipment lists
  • Form, forms and more forms
  • Maps to the council and destinations in Canada

Each paid crew receives an updated a printed copy at the Advisor Orientation Session.

NOTE: The following materials are password protected, shared with crews that have a valid registration to a Birchbark Expedition.  If you need help with access, send a note to:

Canoe Tripping Handbook (aka The Voyageur Handbook)

The Canoe Tripping Handbook is the “bible” of training skills and resources needed to prepare your crew for a successful Birchbark Expedition.

Skills covered include:

  • Equipment (Personal and Crew)
  • Algonquin itinerary
  • Portaging
  • Hazards
  • Backcountry camping skills
  • The Scout Method

Canoe Routes of Algonquin

The Canoe Routes is a collection of planning tips, route suggestions, observations and notes from the guide staff over ten years of Birchbark Expeditions experiences.

Included in the guide is a number of suggested canoe routes, with notes on significant sites and fun activities to do along the way.

A must-have resource for planning your Birchbark Expedition backcountry itinerary.

(Protected Document – Requires password to access)


 Forms and Planning Worksheets:


Crew Roster Worksheet (XLS)

Use to collect participant information in preparation for your crew on-line registration. Download as a PDF

Trail Menu Planning Worksheet

Used to select crew menu choices and indicate and special needs/concerns.

Completed worksheets can be submitted at the February planning meeting, but no later than March 1st.

Informed Consent, Release Agreement and Authorization Form (aka Health Form)

To be completed by every participant and reviewed with their doctor.  Also include a copy of the BBX Risk Advisory when discussing with your doctor.


Useful Presentations:

Click on one of the images below to download the PowerPoint presentations

Advisor Orientation Meeting Presentation

Presentation slides from the initial Birchbark Expedition Advisor Orientation session, covering a range of topics in order to prepare crews for their adventure! (PDF format)

Trip Planning and Route Selection Presentation

Presentation slides from the second Advisor Orientation session, covering additional topics, route selection and menu planning. (PDF Format)

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