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Remote Meetings | Click Here

Remote Meetings

How to meet when you cannot be in the same room.

With the reactions to try to get ahead of the COVID-19 virus, most meeting locations have been closed.  This is understandable, yet it poses a challenge to organizations like Scouting units. How do we still do Scouting when we cannot get together? Remote meetings may be the answer for you and your unit. 

Troop/Pack meetings with ZOOM

Troop/Pack meetings with ZOOM | Click Here
Methods to do entire troop and break out skill development and patrol meetings.

Working together on documents remotely | Click Here

Google Apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides are very effective to work with others remotely

Working together on documents remotely

How to conduct a board of review through videoconferencing  | Click Here

The board of review, like most aspects of Scouting, works best in person.

But sometimes, for a number of legitimate reasons, that’s not an option. That’s why, as outlined in the Guide to Advancement, the BSA allows units to conduct boards of review by teleconferencing, using tools like Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Scouting Show & Tell: Scouting remotely | Click Here

With the concerns of COVID-19 spreading, units are cancelling campouts and in-person meetings, but that doesn’t mean Scouting stops.

Eagle Scout Application Process During Our Office Closure |  Click Here


QA Regarding COVID-19 Related Advancement | Click Here


Den Leader Handbooks (download for free — great for parents to assist with the requirements and activities for specific adventures)

Cub Leaders & Parents: Check Out the Den Leader Experience on Scoutbook