Photography - May 9, 2020

Photography - May 9, 2020
Registration Begins
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39 South Grove St. (Roycroft Powerhouse)
East Aurora, NY 14052, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Photography Merit Badge


Cost: $15

You will need to bring with you a lunch, a pen or pencil and some paper or notebook.
Please bring a signed blue card from your scoutmaster. Please do not print up the Merit
Badge Packets that you can find on the internet. We will not use them and they are a
waste of paper and ink.
Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites other than familiarizing yourself with your
digital camera.
*** You will need to bring a digital camera (not a camera attached to a phone please).
Be certain to familiarize yourself with the camera before the workshop. Please clear the
memory on the camera’s card as we will be downloading the photos to view at the
workshop. Also bring any cords that may be necessary to connect to a usb plug. We will
have a universal card reader if your camera has a memory card.


Please read the Merit Badge Rules from Wild Spirit Education.