National Day of Prayer - Scouts Read Sacred Texts

National Day of Prayer - Scouts Read Sacred Texts
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The Scout Oath begins with “I will do my best to do my Duty to God… and the Scout Law ends with …” A Scout is Reverent” . The 12th Point of our Scout Law is “A Scout is Reverent.”

Scouting has organized a few larger Councils around the world to read the entire sacred texts of these world religions – Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant faiths on May 2, 2024.  In addition, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Eastern Orthodox, Sikh, and other Faiths will be reading their sacred texts.

We are inviting every Scout, over one million strong to read their Sacred Texts on this important day.

We encourage Cubs & Scouts to participate in three ways.

  1.  Read your faith’s sacred texts at home with your family
  2. Ask your Faith leader to read at their faith location. Faith leaders may suggest the readings, promote, or broadcast this to the public.
  3. Invite a Scout friend to participate in this event at their home or Faith location.

Scouts from these larger Councils will read portions from the Catholic and Protestant Bibles, Torah, and Quran in 15 minutes intervals until the Sacred Texts of these faiths are read in full.

We are very pleased to have the Far East and the Transatlantic councils join us. That means Scouts will start reading at 5:30 pm in the Far East, seven hours later, Scouts read in Europe, we cross the Atlantic and seven hours later, Scouts begin reading on the East Coast, then Midwest and finish in California.  What a vision to have Sacred Texts being read starting in the Far East and sweeping west all around the world – all on the US National Day of Prayer.

Click Here to Watch Video for Information on the Scouts Read Sacred Texts

Registration Link | Scouts Read Sacred Texts Worldwide

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Our world needs the power of prayer and positive action more than ever. The 12th Point of our Scout Law is “A Scout is Reverent.” This Duty to God event allows Scouts to broaden their faith and deepen their spirituality with their family in their homes or at their faith institution.

Finally, participating in this event could help Scouts satisfy the Duty to God requirement necessary for advancement.

May God bless our efforts!

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