BBX 2024 Shakedown

BBX 2024 Shakedown
10784 NY-98
Freedom, NY 14065, US
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Birchbark Expeditions

Mandatory for local crews, this day-long hands-on training event gives crews a chance to practice their skills in a simulated “day in on the water”.

Meeting is for:

All Adult Advisors and Youth.

Please Bring with You:

  • Dry Packs - loaded with change of clothes.  You will throw it into the lake for a 1-hour waterproofing test.
  • Rope – 8-foot shank for knot tying
  • Compass
  • Water shoes.  Your water shoes will get wet.  An old pair of sneakers is fine.
  • Change of clothes.  We are NOT planning on swamping, but it is wise to have a change.
  • Lunch and a hearty snack.
  • TARP and ropes for your troop/crew


  • Canoe Skills I & II
  • Camp Skills
  • Portaging "How To"
  • Safety Issues in Canoe Tripping
  • Wilderness Camping Techniques
  • Personal Gear Demonstration
  • Questions & Answers

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