Architecture Merit Badge - September 14, 2019

Architecture Merit Badge - September 14, 2019
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125 Jewett Pkwy (Darwin D. Martin House)
Buffalo, NY 14214, US
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Architecture Merit Badge




Cost :Scouts- $20

          Adults- $10


The Architecture Badge with the Darwin Martin House and Explore Buffalo will explore basic architectural principles as viewed through the lens of Frank Lloyd Wright design. Scouts will take a tour of the Martin House, speak to an architect, view models and architectural plans and understand the basic tools of an architect.  With Explore Buffalo, scouts will tour a contrasting example of architecture, talk about reuse and restoration and measure a room while learning the basics of scaling.

By completing the full workshop you will satisfy all of the requirements for a signed blue card.  Please bring blue card with you the day of the workshop.


Before you come to the workshop, research and think about the following questions:

  1. What is architecture?  Why is architecture important?
  2. What notable buildings are in your neighborhood? What about Western New York?
  3. What areas of study do architects need to learn in order to be a good architect?


10:00                Arrival of Boys to the Martin House

10:00-11:00      Tour of Martin House, focusing on the green elements, the relationship between architecture and its surrounding community, and how buildings can be reused as something else. (req’s 1 b., 2 a.-d.)

11:00-11:30      Meet with an architect and look at a model of a building.  The architect will talk about different careers in the field.  (req’s 3 a., 5)

11:30-12:00      Lunch/move to Explore Buffalo (1 Symphony Cir, Buffalo, NY 14201)

12:00-12:30      Tour of Symphony Circle neighborhood and sketch buildings that are of interest.
(req’s 1 a.)

12:30-12:45      Tour of inside of First Presbyterian to discuss reuse of buildings.

12:45-1:30        In education center, measure the room and do a lesson on scaling.  Scouts will create scaled drawing of the room.  Scouts will design a new use for the space. (req’s 4)

Things to know:

Please arrive at the Martin House on time- we will start promptly at 10:00.

Plan on bringing a lunch, or know where you will stop and get lunch.  There is only a half an hour in between.  The driving distance is only 10 minutes between the two sites.

Parking is free at both sites.  The Martin House has street parking, and so does Explore Buffalo (located inside of First Presbyterian).