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Why should you enroll your child in Scouting?

There are many reasons: To help them learn to be part of a team, to reinforce ethical decision-making, to teach goal-setting and how to lead others. It’s great if our kids are smart and athletic, but in the end what matters is that they are good people. Scouting helps do that.

Cub Scouts (Grades K-5)

In Cub Scouting, young boys, girls, and their families have fun and adventure in a program that builds character and instills values. Cub Scouting embraces the values of citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. These values are taught in all parts of the Cub Scout program – all while your child is having a great time with their friends and other Scouting families.  For more information, visit the BeAScout Cub Scout Website.  To register your child in Cub Scouts click the big "Join Now" button above or click here!

Becoming a Cub Scout


All About Cub Scouts - 5 Questions Parents Ask

Scouts BSA (Grades 6-12)

Scouts BSA, one of the traditional membership divisions of the BSA, is available to youth who have earned the Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old or have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10, or who are 11, but not yet 18 years old. The program achieves the BSA’s objectives of developing character, citizenship, and personal fitness. For more information, visit the BeAScout Scouts BSA Website.  To register your youth in Scouts BSA click the big "Join Now" button above or click here!

Venturing (Co-Ed Ages 14-20)

Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 years of age OR 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age. Venturing’s purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.  For more information, visit the BeAScout Venturing Website. To register your youth in Venturing click the big "Join Now" button above or click here!

Sea Scouts (Co-Ed Ages 14-20)

Sea Scout units–called ships–are established all across the country on oceans, bays, rivers, and lakes. They provide limitless opportunities and exciting challenges that you won’t ?nd anywhere else. Sea Scouts is a place to grow and learn, ?nd adventure, and build long lasting friendships.  For more information, visit the BeAScout Sea Scouts Website. To register your youth in Sea Scouts click the big "Join Now" button above or click here!

Exploring (Co-Ed Ages 14-20)

Exploring is a career exploration program where students test-drive a career while they are in high school.  Most Explorer Posts offer hands on training from professionals in the field.  For more information, visit the Exploring website.

Scouting’s programs and outdoor adventures prepare young people for a lifetime of character and leadership.  Questions?  Email us at