Eagle Application Submission

Updated 3/20/2020

If you have a Scout ready for the Eagle Application process please see below for how these will be handled as long as the Council Office is closed. We will still be processing Eagle Applications, it just may take a little longer.

Eagle Application Submission to Council Service Center

A copy should be made of the application; service project workbook; the Scout’s statement of ambitions and life purpose; and listing of positions, honors, and awards. There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 18th birthday.

With the closing of all non-essential businesses we will not have anyone at the office until further notice. Please send all Eagle Applications to Connie by email: connie.lore@scouting.org. Please identify who should be notified when the verification is complete.

Council Verifies Application and Board of Review Scheduled

Everything is checked against council records. If everything is correct, the council provides a verification signature, files a copy of the application, and sends an email to the board of review chair or other designated volunteer to pick up the original with the service project workbook and other items (such as reference letters received). The Board should be scheduled only after the council-verified application is received. The board of review chair or other designated volunteer will contact the District Advancement Chair or District Designee to schedule the board.

During the current situation we will send an email with a copy of the Application to the Board of Review Chair for the Troop, and the Board can be scheduled and completed Virtually. Boards of Review should have at least 3 members but no more than 6. For how to conduct a Board virtually visit our Council website- Click Here

References Contacted

Council advancement committee members—or others designated. Our Council (GNFC) advancement committee designates the Unit board of review chair or other designated volunteer the responsibility to secure recommendations from the references appearing under requirement 2 on the Eagle Scout Rank Application. This may be done by letter, form, or phone call. For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, electronic submissions are discouraged.

These may be distributed electronically or read to the members of the Board prior to a virtual Board of Review. Please make sure the confidentiality of the references is maintained.

Board of Review Completed

Once the Board of Review has been completed a signed copy of the application as well as an advancement report form should be submitted to the Council Office. This is submitted to National and then the Eagle credentials are shipped to the Council Office.

Once the Board is completed the Application can be sent electronically to Connie at connie.lore@scouting.org. This may take longer than it has in the past, so we ask for you to be patient while we work within our current situation.

National Approval and Credentials Received

When the Credentials have been delivered to the Council office the Unit is contacted to pick them up. We recommend that you wait until this time to schedule the Court of Honor to avoid the possibility of not having the credentials in hand at the Court of Honor.

As no one will be in the office we may not receive the Eagle Credentials until regular operation is allowed in NY.

If you have any additional questions please contact Dick Hanaburgh at dick.hanaburgh@scouting.org