GNFC Training

Training is a Cornerstone of Effective Scouting Programs Being a leader in the Boy Scouts of America is a privilege, not a right. The quality of our Scouting program and the safety of our youth members require high-quality adult leaders.

Please note you must pre-register for all live trainings. Trainings are subject to cancellation if minumum class size is not met.


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Information for Experienced Leaders

BSA National Training UpdatesBasic Training RequirementsTraining Course CodesNational Advanced Youth Leadership ExperiencePhilmont Leadership ChallengePhilmont Training Center


Council Training Contacts

Council Training Chair Marc Muroff   marc.muroff@gmail.com
Council Staff Advisor Dick Hanaburgh (716) 512-6219 dick.hanaburgh@scouting.org
Onondaga Training Chair Donald Sonnefeld (209) 321-3070 donald@sonnefeld.name
Polaris Training Chair Mark Gaynor   mgaynor@daxsis.com
Red Jacket Chair Chris Matthewson   scouterchris513@gmail.com
Tatonka Training Chair TBD    
(716) 512-6219