Scouting Reopening Information

The Reopening of In-person Scouting Meetings and Activities!!! 

The Western New York Region will enter Phase #4 hopefully the week of June 28th.  Once Phase #4 starts (target date Tuesday, June 30) our local Scouting units can begin to resume activities and meetings.  This is great news and we are very excited about it!

In preparation for the resumption of activities, the Council Risk Management Committee has been working for the last several weeks with state and local health officials, safety professionals, and the medical community to develop detailed Guidance on the Reopening of In-person Scouting Meetings and Activities. This resource is intended to help units plan for and hold safe meetings and activities in the current environment. 

Like many things today, there are some activities that units can begin right away, while others will come in the future.  In that vein, we continue to work with our local health departments to develop a plan to reopen our camp properties for day use and limited overnight camping.  We are optimistic that we will be able to open the properties up very soon and will let you know once they are available and what new health and safety protocols are in place.  Please be patient with us, as we are doing our best to open up activities as soon as we can but, we must do so in a legal and safe manner.  

Additionally, the Council has developed a Infographic to help you decide if an event or activity you are thinking of doing is approved at this time.  This document includes links to several other documents and websites such as the CDC and New York State Department of Health that provide additional guidance and information.  

Please review this information with all of your leaders, parents, and Scouts BEFORE resuming any in-person meetings and activities and use it for your planning efforts. It will help us ensure the safety of our Scouts, leaders, Scouting families, and the entire community.  

On behalf of the entire Greater Niagara Frontier Council, thank you for everything you have done to keep on Scouting during the unprecedented times we have faced this year. The determination, resourcefulness, service, and sense of adventure you have all shown during the Covid-19 pandemic has been awe-inspiring.  We look forward to seeing you in-person at Scouting meetings throughout the Council very soon!

BSA, State and CDC Guidelines for Reference:

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