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Scouting at Home Award

Scouting at Home Award
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Unit Awards – Units qualify by completing the following:

1. Hold at least Two (2) unit activities via Zoom / Teams / Google hangouts or other social media group chat.

2. Post a copy of your online unit activity on your unit Facebook page and/or mail pictures to gnfc@wnyscouting.org so we can share on the Council Facebook Page

3. Send out weekly (at least 3 or 4 during our time of no In-Person meetings/activities) group email blasts to families in your unit promoting scouting activities at home.

These can be individual activities, council sponsored activities (cub programs, merit badge classes, virtual camporee  etc), national or international scouting events that takes place online (not in-person).

Unit Awards: Each Unit will receive a steamer for your unit flag (provided free by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA – one per unit must be a unit from our Council)

To Claim your Unit Award and Order Patch's for your Unit | Click

Individual Awards - Individuals qualify by completing the following:

1. When a unit qualifies every member of the unit qualifies (just like JTE Award), check with your unit leader.

2. Individuals can also qualify by participating in one social media scouting program and/or complete one rank or badge at home during the stay at your home.

Individual Awards: Commemorative GNFC Scouting At Home Patch (see picture of patch above)  This award patch is available to everyone in Scouting, you don't need to be a member of our Council.  The price of the patch is $4.00

To Claim your Individual Award Patch | Click

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