Project to Help Scouts Earn Service Hours

What is Coats 4 Kids?

Coats 4 Kids is a service project designed to help Scouts earn valuable service hours, have a positive impact on their community, and create meaningful opportunities for people in need throughout Western New York! Colvin Cleaners, along with the Western New York Scout Council, collects winter garments from all collection locations, schools, churches, and many businesses.
How does the program work?
Repurposed coats are donated to your local Scout unit, the local Scout office, or Scouting sponsoring organizations(i.e., fire halls, churches) by individuals or other collection efforts.
Once sorted, Colvin Cleaners will collect and transport the coats to their store to be sorted and cleaned.
Afterward, they will be distributed to other nonprofit organizations that will distribute the coats to those who
most need them this winter.
How You Participate
1. Register that you want to be part of the coat collection drive on our website. 
2. Once you have registered, You’ll receive access to helpful resources. Have a plan to ship your coats once you’ve met your goal. Remember, you are responsible for getting coats to ensure you have ample storage space to store coats, such as a garage, storage unit, etc. Must-have items: 1) Heavy-weight bags to collect coats. 3) Donor form for every bag to keep track! 
3. Let your community know you are hosting a coat drive. Coats 4 Kids resources, including poster and flyer templates to post in your community. Make sure you are in the church’s bulletin, your local newspaper, etc.
4. Get your coats to your local Council Office!
Helpful Tips for a Successful Coats 4 Kids Project
1. Register!
2. Get your community involved! Create a team to help you collect coats. Use your network to spread the word and to collect and sort coats. Ask for volunteers to act as strategic drop-off locations within
your area.
3. Decide where to place collection boxes Whether you create your own or request branded containers, placing containers in visible areas will help you collect more coats! Feel free to get creative and recycle a cardboard box from your community to collect coats. You can place boxes in your office, church, library, school, local businesses, etc.
4. PRO TIP: Placing a trash bag in your collection container helps keep the box in good condition while making it easier for you to move the coats when the box is full.
5. Encourage the donation of new and gently worn coats. Let people know that they can donate any type of new or gently worn coats in any size. The coats must be in good condition to help those in need.
6. Spread the word Let your friends, family, and co-workers know you are collecting coats to help those in need! Send an email notification to your contacts Create a Facebook page specific to your coat drive and post drop-off locations and frequent updates. Share on Twitter/Instagram, too!
7. Tell your donors how their used coats can create new opportunities for people in need.
8. Ask for volunteers to help and offer Incentives Be sure to ask for help collecting and sorting coats, but remember to treat your volunteers right! Host a “sorting party" and offer free food. (Who doesn't love free food?!) Reach out to a local business to see if they will offer a voucher to reward your top volunteer
9. Document your coat drive and send feedback to Coats 4 Kids! We love to feature coat drives on our website! Send quality photos and a recap story about your coat drive experience. Your stories inspire
others to get involved!
10. Determine how you'll get your coats to the Council office prior to the end of your drive.
Questions? Please email Patrick Covell at
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