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Virtual First Aid Rally 2021

Virtual First Aid Rally 2021
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Virtual First Aid Rally

Webelos First Responder Training

& Explorer Challenge


Saturday March 6, 2021


Registration Now Open!!!!!!!! 


Program Guide | Click Here


Register your Patrol for the Virtual First Aid Rally today!

The morning portion of the First Aid Rally will be an education and First Aid training seminar. These five sessions will cover the Webelos First Responder Adventure as well as prep the Scouts for the competition portion in the afternoon.


The competition portion will be conducted and judged via Zoom. Competing patrols will receive their Zoom link as well as their scenarios before the day of the competition. Each patrol member will have a different scenario to act out with an at-home partner (ex: Parent, Sibling, Grandparent, or Self if needed). After all patrol members have performed their scenario the scores will be aggregated by the judges.

After the conclusion of the competition portion winners for each Skill Level will be announced and recognized!