2021 Spring Induction

2021 Spring Induction
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This is a virtual/in person induction presented by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council BSA. We will be following all current Covid-19 guidelines as we work at camp including masks and distancing. Please bring extra masks should they become dirty and tattered.  Candidates will still be required sleep under the stars or in their home as best as they are able and to have scant food for their breakfast. All candidates will be providing service to Camp Southaven getting ready for summer camp. Should the candidate have limitations concerning work or lifting let us know on this form below and accommodations will be made. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning 6/19 at Camp Scouthaven.



A check or money order in the amount of $50.00 is to be sent to:



Boy Scouts of America, GNFC

Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge # 159/380

2860 Genesee Street

Buffalo, NY 14225



Make check payable to GNFC/BSA. The fee covers the Ordeal Sash, The OA Handbook, Lodge Flap and a printing of the spirit guides. Lunch will be provided and is a half chicken bar-b-que by Krolik’s. Should you need another choice please contact the Lodge Adviser at larryj1300@gmail.com as soon as possible.