Firewood in Camp

Firewood in Camp

Posted By Meg Test


Why is bringing your own wood to camp so bad?
Firewood itself isn?t the problem; what?s bad is moving it from one place to another.  Firewood can harbor insects and diseases that can decimate our camps? forests.

These insects include:

  • The Emerald Ash borer which attack ash trees.
  • The Asian long- horned beetle which attack maple as well as other hardwoods.
  • The Sirex Wood wasp which attacks Pine trees.

These are just a few of the species that hitch a ride on firewood transported from area to area.

What is the GNFC policy regarding bringing wood to camp?
The Council Properties Committee has adopted a policy that units may not bring their own wood to camp; nor may they take wood home.  This was done to be proactive in helping to prevent the spread of insects as well as insure that our leaders are not possibly in violation of the recently enacted NY State DEC ban on transportation of wood beyond 50 miles from it?s

How does our unit get wood for camp?
Units may purchase the wood at camp year round for $50 per half cord; the attempt has been made to keep the price reasonable and below market cost.   If this causes a unit a hardship as it pertains to camping please contact Camping & Properties Manager David Ashley.  In addition, the Camp Rangers get a courtesy fire going in all cabins during the winter camping season.

For more information about this matter go to (search firewood) or call DEC at 1-866-640-0652.   Also, you may discuss with our Rangers at camp or contact Scout Executive Russell Etzenhouser at the council office 716-891-4073.

Save Our Camps? Forests and Leave Your Wood at Home.