Camp Locations

Camp Locations

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Camp Schoellkopf Scout Reservation (SSR)

Schoellkopf logo(Boy Scout Summer Camp)

1373 Burrough Road
Cowlesville, New York 14037-9754
(585) 591-1171
Activities: Hiking and Nature Trails, Fishing, Boating, and C.O.P.E. (in season and with prior approval)

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Learn more about Camp Schoellkopf
Camp Schoellkopf has a license to operate a youth camp issued by New York State.  The camp is inspected periodically, by the New York State Health Department, and meets or exceeds all of their requirements.  Additionally, Camp Schoellkopf is an accredited camp through the National Council Boy Scouts of America.  To be an accredited camp, Camp Schoellkopf must meet a long list of very strict quality standards, which encompass everything from long range planning to staff qualifications and training.  This inspection occurs annually. Copies of our most recent New York State Health Department and National BSA inspections are available upon request by contacting the Council Service Center.

Schoellkopf Scout Reservation is located about 30 miles east of Buffalo, NY in Wyoming County near the village of Cowlesville, New York on Burroughs Road.  It encompasses more than 600 acres of rolling hills and trees and two beautiful lakes.  The camp is operated for the benefit of all registered Scouts and Scouters without regard to race, creed, or national origin.

Our philosophy can best be stated as “To continue to deliver the Scouting Promise to every camper that attends our facilities.

Because you cannot take the outing out of Scouting, our aim is to keep “outing” strong in every Scout.  The outdoor program is one of Scouting’s most appealing features, and a week at Schoellkopf Scout Reservation is a top-notch experience.  No young man ever forgets the fond memories and experiences of summer camp and they will not forget their week with us.

For general camp use during summer camp, Camp Schoellkopf provides two shower facilities, a dining tent, First Aid building staffed 24 hours a day by certified medical personnel, supervised boating and swimming lakes, shooting, archery, and shotgun ranges, a nature building, craft lodge, scout craft area, high adventure course (Project C.O.P.E.), trading post, and much more.  For troop use, Camp Schoellkopf provides each unit with a campsite, which contains two-man tents on wooden platforms, bunks, picnic tables, bulletin board, flagpole, equipment lock box, campfire area, washstand and latrine, and site maintenance and fire fighting equipment.  Troops are strongly encouraged to bring their own dining flies, cooking equipment, lanterns/stoves, woodsman tools, “rainy day” program equipment, and other items, which will make their stay at camp more enjoyable for their Scouts.

Camp Scouthaven

(Cub Scout Summer Camp)

10784 Route #98
Freedom, New York 14065-9763
(716) 492-4429
Activities: Hiking and Nature Trails, Fishing and Boating

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Learn more about Camp Scouthaven
Camp Scouthaven is the perfect environment for introducing Cub Scouts to the challenges of Scouting and the Outdoors.  Spanning the entire north shore of Crystal Lake, Scouthaven is located on Route 98 near Freedom, New York.  Most of the campground’s 732 acres are flat and open.  The main camp provides better areas for Cub Scout activities than the rugged hilly terrain camps for older boys.  The lake is small and calm, so even beginners can safely learn to swim and navigate rowboats, canoes, and fun-yaks.

The marshy eastern section of the camp is home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife.  A boardwalk crosses the marshy area so campers can explore the heart of the swamp without endangering its natural inhabitants.  Here, face to face with nature, Scouts learn to respect and preserve its wonders, cultivating a love of the outdoors that will last a lifetime.  The new Camp Scouthaven facilities enable Scouts to experience the challenge of winter camping too.

All buildings are fully accessible to disabled youth; the camp will be a magnet that attracts a widely diverse population of scouting members from all over the Niagara Frontier.  The new central shower facilities support family camping and full participation of female Scout leaders.  Camp fees are kept at a level that is affordable to most local families with “camperships” available to GNFC Scouts only, provide to ensure that all youth have an equal opportunity for participation.

Some activities and areas at Camp Scouthaven during Cub Scout Resident camp are:

  • Trading post, basketball courts, volleyball courts, archery area, nature center, swimming area, boating, fishing, and a newly renovated dining hall
  • There are nine campsites from which to choose
  • Cub Scout adventure weekends
  • Family weekends
  • Lad and Dad weekends
  • Also, there is a Cub Scout and Webelos resident camp with multiple sessions to choose from

Camp Stonehaven

4670 Albright Road
Ransomville, NY 14131-9714
(716) 731-5959
Activities: Hiking and Nature Trails, Fishing, and Trading Post

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Learn more about Camp Stonehaven
Camp “Stone Haven” as it was originally called (later the camp name was combined to the now familiar Camp Stonehaven; was purchased in 1946 by the Niagara Frontier Council.  The sixty-five acre site, located just below the escarpment near Pekin, NY was designed for year round use for weekend and short camping trips.  Camp Stonehaven replaced Camp Moss , which ceased to be used for scout use in 1942 due to the fact it became inadequate in area and facilities to accommodate the council needs.  Stonehaven was still being used as a weekend and short-term camp when the Niagara Frontier Council (NFC) merged with the Buffalo Area Council (BAC) in 1967.

The Greater Niagara Frontier Council (GNFC) has continued to use Stonehaven for this same purpose – weekend troop camping, hosting District camporees and OA Chapter Ordeal/Brotherhood service/indduction weekends.  The camp was also used for Cub Scout Day Camps in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Stonehaven currently has three spacious cabins, five lean-to shelters, and numerous campsites surrounding a large rock quarry.  The land, located just below Bonds Lake Park near the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, is largely undeveloped and has several interesting rock formations and other historical sites such as “Frankenstein’s Castle.”

NOTE:  Applicable to all Camps

The Council Properties Committee has adopted a policy that units may not bring their own wood to camp; nor may they take wood home.  Contact the camp ranger at the property you are staying at or contact the Camping Dept. at (716) 891-4073.  Full Policy Statement