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Camp Card Fundraiser

Are you looking for a great fundraiser to make sure each Scout can earn his way to camp this summer?

We have the answer for you.  Camp Cards is only new to Scouting in the past several years and this is the first year that the Greater Niagara Frontier Council has presented this program to Scout families of Western New York.  Many Scouts across the Country have been participating and the excitement of Camp Cards has been building.  It's now here!

Camp Cards are ready for you to pick up!


Camp Card Basics

Camp Cards are discount coupon cards that have significant value (over $100) and are sold for only $5 per card.  Each Scout unit will receive 40% commission for every card sold, which means that $2 will be the unit commission.  This is a great way for Scouts to earn their way to camp by selling Camp Cards to family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and even set up displays at store fronts much like a "Show and Sell" popcorn campaign.  The best part is there is ZERO risk!  Unit leaders simply return what they do not sell and no money is due until the unsold cards are returned. 

Each unit leader will set a goal and sign out a number of cards they think they can sell.  The leader then distributes the Camp Cards to the families of their Scout unit and provides good positive communications and constant follow up and encouragement to the families. 

Once the sale is complete, Scouts turn in money they've collected and any unsold cards to the unit leader.  The unit leader brings back all the unsold cards and makes the final payment at the end of the sale. 

GNFC Scout units do not have to attend a GNFC summer camp in 2014 to participate. 

To get your camp cards for your Pack, Troop or Crew you will have to sign up with your District Executive or District Director.  Please contact them and set a time to come in to the Scout office.

Polaris District:  Stu Schnettler at 716-512-6215 or Mark Gerlach at 716-512-6219

Onondaga District:  Patrick Covell at 716-512-6213 or Mario Hicks at 716-512-6214

Red Jacket District:  Greg Voyzey at 716-512-6208 or Melissa Schreiber at 716-512-6201

Buffalo District:  Stephen Blass at 716-512-6209

You can also contact Lenora Stepp at the Boy Scout office at 716-891-4073 ext 5204, or email Lenora at .  Lenora is available Monday through Friday, 10am to 1pm, or 2pm to 5pm. 

For a few tips for success and sale dates please CLICK HERE>>

Local vendors are included in the coupons:

Dick's Sporting Goods
Joann Fabrics
Buffalo Bisons
Aquarium of Niagara
Naval & Military Park
Ted's Hot Dogs
Pizza Hut
And many more!

Key Dates 

February 12, 2014:  Cards will be available for pick up at all District Roundtables. 

March 1, 2014:  Sale Officially Begins.  The sale will run through May 16, 2014. 
Units can take part in an early pre-sale by picking up the cards early at the February Roundtables.

May 2, 2014 and May 16, 2014: Units must bring all unsold cards into the Scout office to reconcile and make their final payments. 
Please call your District Executive to schedule an appointment. 

Final Payments are due before May 16, 2014.  For full commission all accounts must be reconciled before May 16th.  The unit receives 40% commission on each Camp Card sold as long as settlement is on or before May 16, 2014.  After May 16, 2014 your commission will drop to 30%.  After May 31, 2014 your commission will drop to 20%.

During the sale periods, unit may make partial payments at any time during the sale at the Scout office.

Units must make a good faith partial payment during the sale period in order to pick up extra cards. 

If you have any questions please contact Justin King, GNFC Finance and Marketing Director at the Scout office, 716-512-6202 or by email at .



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