Claim Jumper Camporee

Claim Jumper Camporee
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25-355 Orbit Dr (9 Mile Island Youth Camp)
Amherst, NY 14228, US
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This Camporee is Open to Troops/Crews in & out of Council (Hosted by the Polaris District)

Location: 9 Mile Island Youth Camp  at  25-355 Orbit Dr, Buffalo, NY 14228

Date: October 15th to 17th, 2021

Cost: $25

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Cracker Barrels and a Patch.  You supply dinner and Sunday breakfast.

Campsites:  9 Mile Island has 16 campsites and will be for the first troops that sign up.  Small troops can share the same campsite.  If we need more than 16 campsites, troops can camp in the meadow but will need to bring and above ground fire pit.  The game requires scouts to cook breakfast and lunch over an open fire.

Setting: The setting for the game is the Klondike River area, Yukon Territory, Canada. The year is 1896. Gold was discovered and prospectors like you are pouring into the area from all over the world. They find that to work and defend their claims (campsites) in this wild territory, it is necessary to form mining companies (troops), small groups of people (scouts) who will work together.

The Game:

  • Prospecting - pick an area, stake your claim using compass and setup campsite.
  • File your claim at the claim office in Dawson and earn gold.
  • Improve and work your claim. Earn gold based on improvements. Improvements include shelter, gateway, tripod, fireplace, drying rack, ax yard and other improvements.
  • Get your gold to town. Gold will stay in the bank and earn interest.
  • Opening Campfire – earn Gold for skits, songs, or cheers.
  • Purchase breakfast or lunch from the store.  You must bargain for food.  No set prices.
  • Cook your meal over an open campfire.  What you cook and how you cook it earns gold
  • Capture the Flag – earn gold for capturing base flags and for personnel flags.
  • Survive a mining accident. The Mounties (RCMP) will declare a mining accident and tell you the symptoms of the victim. Use your first aid skills to earn gold.

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