Red Jacket Klondike 2018 - Canceled

Red Jacket Klondike 2018 - Canceled
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The last date for registration has passed.

Based on the weather forecast containing freezing rain for this weekend, we have come to unfortunate conclusion that we should cancel the Red Jacket Klondike Derby.  Friday as work lets out and Troops would start traveling to camp the driving conditions are projected to be icy until 7pm when a wet heavy snow will start and continue through the morning. The snow is not the issue as this is Western New York and this was to be the Klondike the concern is for safety of the people coming to camp. Further compounded by the recent thaw and the standing water around camp that will turn to ice when the temperature drops before the snow comes and will make navigating camp dangerous.

We are terribly sorry to do this as the host Troop-4 had spent lots of time planning this event and know all of you have spent time preparing for the trip as well. The other two districts are holding Klondike’s later this month (January 26-28) if you would like to attend those please visit the links below. The fee you have paid will be applied without any trouble.
Onondaga District Klondike | Registration Link

Polaris District Klondike | Rregistration Link

If you are unable to attend one of the other Klondikes and would like a refund, please contact: charles.jaxel@scouting.org

$12.00 per Participant