Polaris District Committee

District Chair Dan Walther 716-481-1823 danwalther4@verizon.net
District Executive Bob Blatz 716-512-6215 bob.blatz@scouting.org
District Commisioner Kendra Gaynor 716-940-5265 kendrag@nits1.com
District Vice Chair Troy Hengst 716-259-0200 thengst@roadrunner.com
Vice Chair of Programs Rob Reeves 716-930-1821 ninjarob3000@yahoo.com
Vice Chair of Membership Rick Smith 716-909-0111 polarisbuffalo@yahoo.com
Vice Chair of Development Bob O'Connor 716-220-1542 rooconnor3@gmail.com
Advancement Chair Army Leonetti 716-891-4073  
Training Chair Dave Sepulveda 716-425-6535 sepulved@buffalo.edu
Activities Chair TBD    
Camping Chair Glenn Wakefield   glenwakefield@gmail.com
Eagle Coordinator Dave Greinet 716-694-7702 degdmg20@aol.com


Eagle Project Review
Tony Hempel

CS Roundtable Commissioner
Bill Boy

BS Roundtable Commissioner
Mark Gaynor