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GNFC eNews September 23, 2013

GNFC eNews - 

September 23, 2013
News of Key Scouting Activities, Events and Upcoming Registration Deadlines

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Table of Contents:

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 Message from the Scout Executive

It seems impossible that another school year has already started.  I have been enjoying going to parades, campouts, and the occasional Court of Honor.  My two Cub Scout sons have been enjoying selling popcorn in the neighborhood with Mom and Dad.  Today is one of those days that remind us that fall is right around the corner, but they say we’ll be back in the seventies later this week…

By now most of you have already secured your Rally Night with your district membership chairman.  This week alone we will have over thirty rally nights throughout the council.  We are distributing flyers, yard signs, and other supporting material to get new youth involved in Scouting.  As I stated last month, it is critical to make sure that you have your BeAScout information up to date.  You can even tailor it to specific activities that your pack, troop, or crew is having.  You can customize the message directly on the pin to invite new families to your event.  All of this can be accessed through your MyScouting account at  To access the tool you must have your membership number associated with your MyScouting account.

As a council we have gotten over one hundred new leads in the BeAScout system in just the last few weeks.  It is vital that we follow up with those individual leads within just a few days.  Our data has shown that if we follow up in three days or less we significantly improve the likelihood that the youth will join Scouting.  Let your District Director or District Executive know if you are having any challenges with the system.

In late August several new tools were added to MyScouting for unit and district leaders.  You can view training records and much more based on your role within a unit or in the district.  More will be coming out in the next few months.  It is the first look at what will become the new registration system for BSA.   Unit and district leaders will have increasing ability to view and update information for their area of responsibility, and today all leaders can update most of their personal information.  If you have not already done so, check it out.




Camp Toad Hollow Reunion will be held September 28th, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, 8146 Sisson Hwy, Eden.  Come check out Toad Hollow as it once was, a Boy Scout Camp that provided an outdoor experience for Scouting in WNY.  Bring your memorabilia and memories to share.  The event is free to attend.  Please RSVP to AJ Block at 870-0647 or Greg Voyzey at 512-6208.

The Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee Reunion will be held on October 5th, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at Three Valley Campground, 9766 Olean Rd in Holland.  Camp Ti-Wa-Ya-Ee served as a resident camp from 1928 to 1980.  Please bring your memorabilia and memories to share.  The event is free to attend.  Please RSVP to AJ Block at 870-0647 or Greg Voyzey at 512-6208.

DARE MIGHTY THINGS - join the Polaris District Rough Rider Camporee - October 18th-20th at Oppenheim Park.  Are YOU tough enough to do it all?  Click here to register>Rough Rider Camporee

Badge-a-Palooza has returned!  Do your boys need to work on a few required badges?  Come join us at Sprague Brook Park for the Onondaga District Fall Camporee this October 18th-20th.  To register click here> Onondaga District Badge-A-Palooza Camporee

Come and test your skills at the Red Jacket Fall Camporee at Camp Schoellkopf October 18th -20th

Is your patrol the TOUGHEST in first aid, knot tying, life saving, and much more?  With 12 different competition events for Boy Scouts and 6 different events for Webelos, there is something for every patrol at this action-packed event.  Click here to register>  Red Jacket Fall Camporee Online registration accepted until October 18th.

Any questions contact:
Mike O’Sullivan at
Melissa Schreiber at
Greg Voyzey at

A Wills Seminar will be held for all council volunteers at the Council Service Center on Thursday, October 24th from 6:30 to 7:30pm.  Please bring your questions to an informative hour presentation.  Please RSVP to Paulette Voit at

The Buffalo Bills are offering a deal for our Scouting families for the November 3rd game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Tickets will be available for only $30 per person and $5 from each sale will come back to support our Council.  In most cases these tickets are more than half the price of a regular priced ticket. Tickets will only be available for a short time until the event is a sell out.  To register click on the link here >Discount Buffalo Bills Tickets Available For November 3rd Game.

Follow the link and then click on the image or the Ticketmaster link to make your purchase online.  Make sure to enter the Promo Code GPSC at the Ticketmaster website to make sure you get the deal and the GNFC receives a donation for your ticket purchase.  




Camp Schoellkopf “RENAISSNCE ” kickoff will be held October 3rd at the Council Service Center, 6:00 PM.  Dinner will be provided.  Please register online.

Camp Scouthaven “KNIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE” kickoff will be held October 23rd at the Council Service Center, 6:00 PM. Dinner will be provided.  Please register online.



Weekend reservations for September 2013 – May 2014 are now being accepted

Tent season pass for $50.00 is available now until October 31, 2013.  This pass is valid September 14, 2013 – May 17, 2014.


The Camping Committee is looking for individuals to promote GNFC Summer Camp to our Units.  Promotion training will take place on September 19th or October 22nd at the Council Service Center from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  Anyone completing 10 promotions will receive a free trip to a GNFC Summer Camp for a youth of their choice.  Council is looking for volunteers to produce new YouTube videos for Scouthaven and SSR.  If you are interested, please contact Pat Covell at 512-6213.



Check the online calendar for reservations


October 5th – Shootout at Camp Schoellkopf

                        COPE Day at Camp Schoellkopf

October 12th – 13th – CUBOREE at Camp Scouthaven – Activities for the whole family, pitch a tent and stay the night.  Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast provided. 

February 15th – CUB SCOUT WINTER FUN DAY at Camp Scouthaven 9:00 am to 3:00 pm – Come join us for snow soccer, snow volleyball, ice cube sling shot, cold weather training, igloo building,  lunch, hot cocoa and much more.




GNFC Paddlecraft Safety Policy

Effective January 1, 2014:

Paddlecraft Safety will become mandatory in the council beginning January 2014, and applies to all independently run unit canoe and kayak trips. At least one adult in the unit who will be participating in the trip must be certified in Paddlecraft Safety. The Safety Afloat course, by itself, will no longer be sufficient. Exceptions: Birchbark and any National BSA Canoe Base where a guide certified in Paddlecraft Safety is with the unit for the duration of the trip.

The course will be offered September 28th  at Camp Scouthaven. See the council website for more information regarding registration. The certification is currently good for 3 years.  We want to encourage units to begin taking the course now.

Beginning in 2014, proof of Paddlecraft Safety certification will be required when a unit applies for a tour permit involving canoeing or kayaking.


 Commissioners Corner

Commissioners Corner

The new Scout year is upon us and, to quote the NYLT motto, let’s make it “The Best So Far.” The focus for all unit leaders should be centered on these areas.

Membership – we all know numbers are down, it should be the prime goal of every unit to go out and recruit new members. I’ve heard too many times “I didn’t know there was a unit near me.” Use open houses and word of mouth to get the message out there about Scouting.

Training – a quality program can only happen if our adult leaders are trained. The Council Training Committee is aggressively scheduling opportunities for all leaders.

Youth Protection Training – too many unit charters were outstanding last year due to adults not having Youth Protection Training. Let’s start looking at our rosters now to identify who needs it, and let’s get it done.

Roundtables – our Roundtable Staffs are working diligently to put together informative programs for Cubs, Scouts and Venturers. Let’s strive to have at least one unit representative attend the Roundtable each month.

Thanks for all you do!


Paul Kendzierski,
Council Commissioner


The success of your MEMBERSHIP RALLY NIGHT is in direct proportion to the steps you take to prepare for your recruiting night.

  • Does your BeaScout pin have the current information about where your unit meets or who to contact?
  • Will your Cub Scouts wear their uniforms to school the day of the rally night?
  • Do your Scouts know they will earn the recruiters patch if they get one or more of their buddies to join?
  • Do your scouts each have a couple recruiting cards in their pockets to give to their friends?
  • Do your parents and leaders know when the rally event will take place and will they be there to help out?  Will they be in uniform?
  • Will any of your Scouts or leaders wear their uniforms to church the Sunday before rally night?
  • Is one person designated to take membership money and write receipts?
  • Will there be a representative from each den at the event?
  • Do you have a pack flyer or parent pamphlet available for each new family?
  • Is there or will there be join Scouting yard signs at the location of your rally night?
  • Have you placed Scouting posters in prime, high traffic locations?
  • Have you asked any of the churches in your area to allow your pack or troop to insert scouting fliers in the church bulletin?
  • Are there any youth centers in your area that would allow you to display posters and hand out fliers?

I have listed a few ideas that could increase the results of your rally night. Use some or none of them.

The purpose of this message is to get you thinking. Maybe one of these ideas will be a good one for you or give you other better ideas.

We lay strong plans to sell popcorn (as well we should) but just think how much more you could sell with additional scouts selling it to a new audience........ their friends and family.

More popcorn, new parents to become new leaders and more boys mean more FUN!
Go get 'em. There are lots of boys in your neighborhood who haven't joined scouting yet.

How do I know ........ We have all seen them.
Maybe they need to be able to find you a little more easily.
One of the top 5 reasons boys don't join scouting ..... is because nobody asked them.


 Order of the Arrow
We highly recommend you attend the weekend and camp associated with your district so you can meet and interact with  the members of your chapter. However if that is not possible, please feel free to attend any of the induction opportunities listed below.

Camp Stonehaven - September 20th– 22nd, Polaris District – Falling Waters Chapter

Camp Schoellkopf - September 27th– 29th, Onondaga District and Chapter

Camp Scouthaven - September 27th– 29th, Red Jacket District – Seneca Chapter

Registration deadline is one week before weekend chosen.  Cost for members is $15.00 for 1 weekend (walk ins $20.00)  or two weekends for $24.00


 Scout Shop

September Promotions at the Niagara Frontier Scout Shop

On Saturday, September 21st and Friday, October 11th the Niagara Frontier Scout Shop will be hosting its 1st Annual Explore the Store Event.  We will have some fun activities for Scouts of all ages to participate in including a storewide scavenger hunt, Kim’s Game, and we will even allow the boys to come behind our counter and learn how to ring up sales.  In addition, we will have handouts for leaders to help them begin planning their meetings.  Store hours will be extended these two days- 5pm on the 21st of September and 8pm on the 11th of October.  Come join us for an evening of fun and a free patch.  Den leaders, this is a great opportunity for a “Go See It.”  Please contact Brandon with any questions; we look forward to seeing everyone.    

Are you focused on your uniform?  Between now and October 27th anyone who purchases a full uniform (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Leader, or Venturing) will receive 10% off and a free patch.  If your unit gives you pieces of the uniform that’s ok- just get the remaining pieces to take advantage of the sale. 

We have received leftover 2013 Jamboree gear and it’s now marked down 30%.  Stop in today and pick up a souvenir from the first Jamboree ever held at The Summit.

The Scout Shop is now loaded with awesome fall apparel choices.  We have neat hooded sweatshirts, fleece pullovers, sleeping pants, and so much more.  Wearing Scout gear to school is a great way to stimulate interest in the program and potentially grow your unit.

If you have not done so already, please check out the updated Scout Shop web page on the Greater Niagara Frontier website.  The page now includes our upcoming promotions with dates and details as well as our phone number, fax, and hours.  Check it regularly to keep updated with everything going on in the shop including newly mentioned promotions.  You can get to it by clicking on the following link:

Brandon Rueger, Store Manager
Niagara Frontier Scout Shop
2860 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone: 716-891-1689
Fax: 716-891-1910


Training Requirement for Recharter - reminder
Please remember that beginning this year in order for a unit's recharter to process successfully, the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Skipper must have completed the basic training which qualifies them to wear the "Trained" patch.  If you have questions or difficulty attending one of the scheduled sessions, please contact your Unit Commissioner or your District Training Chair.  We'd all be happy to help.

The following training sessions are scheduled for this Fall.

Cub Scout Leader Specific
Saturday, September 14, 2013; 8am to Noon
Ebenezer Church of Christ – 360 Main St. West Seneca, NY 14224

Boy Scout Leader Specific
Saturday, September 14, 2013; 8am to 4pm
Ebenezer Church of Christ – 360 Main St. West Seneca, NY 14224

Indoor Sessions – Tuesday, September 24, 2013; 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Council Service Center, 2860 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14225
Outdoor Sessions – Friday, October 4, 2013 through October 5, 2013 - Camp SSR

Saturday, October 5, 2013 – Camp SSR

New tools

Your MyScouting account gives you access to Scouting resources specific to your role in Scouting. These resources are intended to help you perform your Scouting duties most effectively.

Unit/District Key 3 administrators:

Training – View dashboard of position trained leader status and Youth Protection Training status by organization level, add training (not just YPT), and print training certificates.

Organization Manager (previously known as Organization Profile) - Create and manage a unit’s organizational structure (create dens in packs; patrols in troops; groups in crews; crews in ships; squads in teams; and other committees).

Member Manager - Assign member(s) to functional role(s) within a unit’s organizational structure, and maintain roster.

CubCast and ScoutCast
Have you listened to the award-winning CubCast lately? How about the new (this year) ScoutCast?   These are monthly audio podcasts featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for leaders and parents. They are designed to supplement your training and roundtable programs. You can listen to them on-line or download them to share. Archives of past editions are available too!

ScoutCast editions so far this year have included How to Handle Bullying in the Troop, How to Handle Boys in the Troop With ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Special Needs, Economic Diversity in Your Troop, and more!  Check out, choose CubCast or ScoutCast, and give them a listen!



Do you know:
. that “Cold Weather” camping, according to BSA standards, starts at 50-degrees?
. the proper types of clothing your Scouts should wear for Cold Weather camping?
. how to transport camping gear in the snow?
. what to teach your Scouts about food items and easy cooking methods for winter camping?
. that it’s fun and safe to go camping in the winter?

To find the answers to the above and a lot more, sign up for Cold Weather Training and OKPIK, run by the Council’s Cold Weather Training Team.

Cold Weather Training will be held on December 7th at SSR. This course is open to all Scouts and adult leaders and is the basic primer for camping in the cold. You can register online for this course at:>Cold Weather Training 2013

OKPIK is our advanced training course for Scouts 14 years of age and at least First Class, Venturers,  and all adult leaders that will show you how to take your unit out of the cabin and to enjoy true winter camping. Cold Weather Training is a prerequisite. The OKPIK pre course is January 7th at the Council Office and the weekend will be January 24-26. More information and online registration can be found at:>OKPIK 2014


Training Committee:
Bob Blatz, Onondaga District Training Chair (
Ron Krawczyk, Red Jacket District Training Chair (
Ellie Tornabene, Polaris District Training Chair (
Paul Kendzierski, Supplemental/Advanced Training Chair (
Darlene Kihlberg, Council Training Chair (