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Tifft Tree Planting Event
Honor Guard Meeting
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Red Jacket News - March 2011

Red Jacket District Newsletter

News and information for the volunteers serving in the Red Jacket District of the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America

March 2011

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 Next Committee and Commissioner's Meeting

Next Committee and Commissioner's Meeting is April 6th

For more details, location and contact information, see:
/registration/calendardetail.asp?ActivityKey=901824 >

 Tifft Tree Planting Event

Help Re-Tree Tifft Nature Preserve by Donating Trees

As part of the three tree regeneration grant received by the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Tifft Nature Preserve plans to plant over 800 trees this year on the preserve.  This means we can use your help!  The planting dates are set for Saturday June 4th and July 23rd.  Mark your calendars!

To help the grant money go farther, consider donating a tree.  Trees should be in a #3 planter (or similar).  Donated trees should be brought to Tifft Nature Preserve in late-May or mid-July.

The tree planing at Tifft Nature Preserve is designed to maintain important habitat for migrating songbirds and establish native plant communities.

If you have questions or a donation, contact:

Dave Spiering
Ecologist - Tifft Nature Preserve >

Can't muster up the effort to buy a tree or help do the planting? You can donate green anyhow, by sending your donation check for $20 - $25 per tree to:

Friends of Tifft Nature Preserve, Inc.
Buy a Tree
PO Box 51
Buffalo, NY 15205


 Honor Guard Meeting

Attention- All of our Honor Guard Applicants:

 Meeting-          Monday, March 28th
                          GNFC Service Center
                           5:30 PM -6 30 PM

 There will be a snack, cold drinks and coffee for us!. 

A full field uniform is expected to be worn by all.  We’ll review our requirements and our schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing you here.  Please RSVP either by phone or e-message to:

A. J. "Army" Leonetti
Program and Training Executive
Greater Niagara Frontier Council
2860 Genesee Street            
Buffalo, NY 14225
Direct 716. 512.6207 
| Cell 716.480-5567 | F 716.891.4008 |

 Tops Food Collection Needs You!

Good Turn for America Food Collection event on April 2 Needs Your Help! 

Tops Friendly Markets are again hosting the Good Turn for America Food Collection event here in Western NY.  However, many of the collection stations and dates are in need of volunteers to help staff the collection locations.  Please visit the event page >  and check the chart for availability in your local store.

Thank you!


 "Good Turn" Pages

Publicize Your Unit's Community Service Projects!

I you've ever thought "gee, that was a great community service project - I hope someone notices the great work"? Well here's your chance to make it happen by being a roving reporter for the Red Jacket District!

If you see or hear of a good community service project, Eagle Scout Leadership project or other worthy story worth sharing, write it up and send it to us.  We'll post it on the Red Jacket web site and help promote it to the local newspapers and other media outlets.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Take a few pictures of the project, showing the work in progress, ideally with people doing the work (painting, planting, digging...)
  • Jot down the names of the people in the picture
  • Write up a couple paragraphs about the project, covering the basics (who, what, when, where, why...)
  • Send it via email to >

We'll take it from there!

 Got News?

Newsletter Submissions Wanted!

If you've got news, information or an interesting story to share that would be helpful for the volunteers that serve the Red Jacket District, please send your newsletter submissions to: >