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Dutch Oven Cook-Off, Trailer Round-up and Camping Flea Market!
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Red Jacket Newsletter - April 2012

Red Jacket District Newsletter

News and information for the volunteers serving in the Red Jacket District of the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America

April 2012

 If you would like more information, email us.

 Red Jacket District Meeting Reminders

Red Jacket Commissioner Meeting is April 25th, 2012

Join other Commissioners in the Red Jacket District for a working session to identify challenged units, develop improvement plans and share experiences.  All Commissioners in the Red Jacket District are encouraged to attend and participate.

Meeting starts at 7:00 PM and runs until 9:00 PM.

Meetings are held in the Conference room at the Hamburg Administration Building

For more details, see the Event Page >>

Red Jacket District Committee Meeting is May 2nd, 2012 

This meeting is open to all district committee members, members at large, and any other Scouters interested in the functions of the Red Jacket district.  Break-out sessions will include:  Advancement, Training, Activities, Membership, Finance, Camping, and Marketing!

Coffee and Networking starts at 6:30
Meeting starts promptly at 7:00 PM

>> The March meeting is held back at West Seneca East <<

For more details, location and contact information, check the Event Page >>

 Training Corner

Training Corner

"A good leader is a trained leader"

Whether you're just getting started in Scouting or a seasoned Scouter, there are always opportunities to learn something new and bring some fresh ideas into your program.  Near-term opportunities for training include:

For more information and registration, be sure to visit the GNFC Training Resource Page >>

 Friends of Scouting News

Friends of Scouting News


Your gift will make a difference.

As we end the month of March we have much to be optimistic about.

We have raised more funds to date than last year and we have more presentations scheduled!

These funds will go a long way to help us continue to support over 300 local Scout groups, three camps, free adult training programs, and our council service center, among other services.

We wish to thank all those who have already given and implore everyone who has not made a gift to please consider giving something to help the cause. Every bit helps!


"What is the FAIR SHARE GOAL?"

Unit Fair Share Expectation is based on the formula of the national average of $42 multiplied by the number of youth members in the unit (i.e. 40 youth x $42 = $1,680).

Units will receive one summer camp fee (Scouthaven or SSR) to be used only at GNFC camps for reaching the unit "Fair Share" goal. Two free summer camp fees for units over 50 youth if "Fair Share" goal is achieved.

Troop 491 Red Jacket District $645

Troop 230 Red Jacket District $1,695

You still have time! Please go to

Also, download the complete March 2012 Friends of Scouting Newsletter >>



 Red Jacket Camping Corner

Red Jacket Camping Corner

by John Pankow, Red Jacket District Camping Committee Chair

If you haven’t smelled the smoke, or listened to the sound of bacon and eggs sizzling in a pan, or the aroma of Dutch oven cobbler at an evening meal, then you’re troop or pack needs to get out camping more often. 

GNFC offers a variety of camping experiences and sites that would be a great fit for your group.  We are offering tent camping for a low price for an all location tenting permit, as well as cabin and lean-to rentals.  See the office and schedule in a weekend at one of our locations.

If the beach is more your style the Red Jacket district will be holding a beach party camp-out in May.  Come join us for the fun, seafood and a really great spring weekend of activities and events.

Remember, there is still time and sites to sign your troop up at SSR or your cubs at Camp Scouthaven, for a great summer camping experience. It’s a chance to work on merit badges, crafts, advancement, swimming, fishing, and just having fun with a great program and staff to provide your scouts and cubs with a fun and learning experience.  Just check out the new and improved Council Camping tab on the website for more information, forms and pricing.  And remember, Boy Scouts can also take advantage of Provo Camping at SSR so you can still get your boys to camp, even if the troop may be doing a high adventure trip, or may not have enough boys to go as a troop. 

If you’re still not sure, contact the Red Jacket District Camping Committee Chair, John Pankow and he’ll be glad to arrange a camping promotion for your Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop.

Ventures Crews are able to camp at our facilities as well.  Give your crew an outdoor experience with tent camping, cabin camping or lean-to’s. 

Our camps are waiting to serve you, so don't miss this opportunity for some fun, fellowship and lasting memories.

 Buffalo Ski Club - A Scouting Today Event

Buffalo Ski Club - A Scouting Today Event

You're invited to attend a Scouting Today event at the Buffalo Ski Club!

Join us for an adult evening of exciting flavors and memories as the Greater Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Buffalo Ski Club, in cooperation with Consumers Beverages and Apex, put on a “Scouting Today” event in Buffalo Ski Club’s Sitzmarker Lodge.

Have fun, get caught up with your friends, hear some stories about Scouting in WNY, and win prizes!

Registration is required to attend !

This event is designed to help adult members of our community, Scouting Alumni, and current Scouters reconnect with Scouting. We hope to see you there!

For more information and registration, see the Event Page >>

 Get Ready for a Beach Blast!

Get Ready for a Beach Blast!!

May 18-20, 2012

Show & Do Service Weekend & Leave-no-Trace Camping Adventure

Hosted by the Red Jacket District Activities
& Civic Service Committee

For more information and registration, visit the Spring Camporee Event Page >>

 Hey Buddy, Can I Interest You in a Bridge?

Hey Buddy, Can I Interest You in a Bridge?

That's right, you can be the proud owner of your own bridge (a Webelos cross-over bridge that is).  What, you thought you'd start with the Brooklyn Bridge?  Hey, you have to start your bridge collection somewhere.  

Actually, the price is right - FREE.

Pack 514 in East Aurora would like to donate it to a pack in need. Contact Dennis Sieracki (445-0486) to arrange pick-up from his home in East Aurora.


 District Director Corner

District Director Corner

Herb Schmidt,  District Director, Red Jacket

Thoughts from my visit to Washington DC

Hello Scouters!  I have just returned from a wonderful vacation with my family and am glad to be home!  I am eager to get going again with Scouting in the Red Jacket District.  Part of my vacation was in Washington DC.  It was amazing to see all of the Scouts running around exploring our nation’s capital in full uniforms.  They looked great and reminded me just how large and successful our movement really is! 

Spring Recruiting

On that note:  We are now neck deep in our Spring Recruitment Campaign.  Fliers will be going out soon.  We are also hosting a Save-A-Scout Phone-a-thon this Wednesday.  If you can spare some time to help us make calls to “rescue” boys who have left our program  we could really use you!  Please call me to RSVP.  512-6208

Woodlawn Beach Camporee

We also have a fantastic event coming up.  The Spring Camporee at Woodlawn Beach!  This will be a laid-back Camporee where Troops and Webelos II’s will be camping on the beach and providing much of their own program in the morning by “Showing and Doing”.  The afternoon will involve service including a beach clean-up, sand dune restoration, trail work, and more.  All topped off with a bonfire and pig roast evening snack!  Go online for more details.

With that said, I hope you are all doing well and getting ready for summer camp!  I also encourage you to call me if you need anything.  I have not visited with all of you so please feel free to invite me to your meetings and activities!  I am here to help!

 District Executive Corner: Spring Recruitment is upon us!

District Executive Corner:  Spring Recruitment is upon us! 

Flyers are heading out and signs are available at the council office, stop by and pick some up! 

What can you do to recruit for your unit???

  • Put a Be-a-scout in front of your house, church, school and meeting place!       
  • Advertize in the Church Bulletin
  • Ask the Town, Church, or School to use their sign to advertize your unit
  • Get out into your community and be seen!
  • Have your existing scouts invite friends to some of you fun activities.

And remember no one should be putting flyers in the schools without GNFC approval.  Doing this may create a problems getting flyers in schools in the future, so please, please, please do not distribute any flyers without approval.

Christina Beikirch| Red Jacket District Executive

 Historical Trip to Boston, MA for Scouts

Historical Trip to Boston, MA for Scouts

Departing June 24th, returning June 27th, 2012.

Join fellow scout and scouters on a historical tour of Boston, MA.  Follow the Freedom Trail and the Sons of Liberty Tour, enjoy a whale watching expedition, the sights of Salem, the Boston Aquarium and more.

Transportation is by luxury motor coach.  Hotel accomodations are at the not-so-rustic Holiday Inn Express in Boston with double occupancy for adults.

The costs for scouts is $550/per person; adults $600/per person

A limited number of seats remain for scouts and scouters.  Contact Rosanne Kowalski at to make reservations.

 Upcoming Events at your NY State Parks

Upcoming Events at your NY State Parks

Friday, April 13  8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday the 13th Adventure
DeVeaux Woods State Park

Join us as we explore superstitions and urban legends surrounding Friday the 13th. Ghost stories by campfire to follow (weather permitting). For information & registration call (716) 282-5154.

Friday, April 27 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Night Buckhorn Swamp People!
Buckhorn Island State Park

Will O’ the Wisp, Swamp Sucker Mist. Leads us astray, where the nightjars still play. Whinnied screech owls fright, by Niagara’s flowing might. Hear a rattling snore? A Leopard Frog roars. A symbhibian chorus tonight, Buckhorn Theater by candlelight! For information & registration call (716)549-1050.

  Friday, May 4  6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
   Woodland Wildflower Walk
   Wilson Tuscarora State Park

Spring is in the air! Mother Nature awaits you with her annual display of wildflowers! Stroll through a woods filled of old growth trees, listen for the birds overhead, and behold the beauty seen only this time of the year! End your evening with a Lake Ontario sunset! What a great start to your weekend! For information & registration call (716) 282-5154.                     

Saturday, May 12  9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
International Bird Migration Day
Lake Erie State Park

The southern shore of Lake Erie has one of the largest concentrations of colorful spring migrant bird species in North America! Take a song bird serenaded walk along the forested beach ridge trails and witness part of the epic bird migration north to the boreal forest breeding grounds. This is a New York State Parks and “Environment for the Americas” cooperative program.  For information & registration call (716) 549-1050.

Saturday, May 12  2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
War of 1812
Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park

The War of 1812 occurred 200 years ago! Learn about the attack at Queenston on Upper Canada forces and the later capture of Fort Niagara. Hear about the Tuscarora Heroes that assisted residents escaping the burning of Lewiston. Time period artifacts will be shown. This is a cooperative program presented by Old Fort Niagara and the New York State Parks.  For information & registration call (716) 282-5154.

Show State Parks some love by volunteering at the following listed participating Niagara Region Parks!

Visit Parks & Trails New York  for more information and online registration.

 Marketing Corner - Communicating with the Local Press (Part 2)

Marketing Corner - Communicating with the Local Press (Part 2)

By Alan Percy, RJD E-Communications Chair

As promised, this month I'll cover how to properly prepare materials for the local press, improving your chances for getting coverage for your event or news.

As mentioned in past months, the folks that work at your local press are very busy people and often bombarded with requests for coverage of all kinds of news and events.  One of the tricks in getting your news published it to make it "cut and paste ready" - meaning make it ready to publish without a lot of work on their part. 

So how do you do this?

First, the content you provide should have a few basic "must have" pieces of information:

  • Who
  • What happened/is going to happen
  • When it happened/is going to happen
  • Where it occurred
  • Why it happened

The piece should be short and as concise as possible.  News is not a novel - get to the point.

Write in third-person, observer language - avoid "I", "we", and other first-person terms. A good example: "Thanks to the Boy Scouts from Troop XYZ, the riverbanks in Hamburg are now clean" as opposed to "we cleaned the riverbanks".

Lay off the buzz-words and hype - resist "game-changing", "class-leading" or other hype.  Editors usually just roll their eyes and look for the delete key.

Photos should be high resolution, clear, in focus, and show work in action.  Include the names of the people in the photo.  Be sure you get permission from the parents of any scouts in the photos.

Be sure to include your full contact information - if they have to hunt you down, your article will get tabled.

Wrap up all what I've told you here, put it in a nicely worded email and send it to your local editors, graciously asking them to include your news in a future edition.   Based on my experience, good things will happen.

After all that, send a copy to and we'll include it in the next RJD Newsletter!

 Dutch Oven Cook-Off, Trailer Round-up and Camping Flea Market!

Dutch Oven Cook-Off and Trailer Round-up
Scheduled for May 16th, 2012

NEW: Camping Equipment Flea Market Too!

The Main Dish….Chili!

Open to all GNFC Units
Hosted by the Red Jacket District

Wednesday May 16th 2012
5:00-8:00 PM Cook-off & Trailer Show


Trailer Round-Up

Bring your TROOP, PACK, or Crew trailers, polish them up, and show them off!                                               

Prizes will also be awarded for the “Biggest Trailer”, “Best Scouting Design,” & “Best Use of Space.”

NEW: Camping Equipment Flea Market

Hey campers! Trying to turn some of that lightly used and over-stocked camping gear into cash?

Looking for some low-cost pre-enjoyed camping gear?

Make sure you visit this year's Round-up and set up a table.  Display, trade, swap, sell and buy any and all camping gear.  

For complete event details and rules, see the Event Registration Page >>

 Tech Corner - Dutch Oven Cooking

Tech Corner - Dutch Oven Cooking

Just in time to get ready for the upcoming Dutch Oven Cook-off, here's a couple great videos from Texas Parks and Wildlife to "get the juices flowing".


 Contacting the Red Jacket District Newsdesk

Contacting the Red Jacket District Newsdesk

Share your news, successes, community service projects or upcoming events in the Red Jacket Newsletter.  The Newsletter reaches roughly 1,000 scouting volunteers, parents and staff in the Red Jacket District on a monthly basis.

Send your comments, suggestions or news to >>

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This newsletter is edited and distributed by the volunteer committee of the Red Jacket District, Greater Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America and is solely responsible for its content.