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GNFC eNews May 2016
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May 2016
News of Key Scouting Activities, Events and Upcoming Registration Deadlines

Published monthly by:
Greater Niagara Frontier Council #380
Boy Scouts of America
2860 Genesee Street

Buffalo, New York 14225
(716) 891-4073

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Table of Contents:

Scout Executive Remarks
2016 GNFC Eagle's
Venturing News
Camp Stonehaven Beaver Day
Wood Badge N3-380-17
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
Powder Horn
2016 Popcorn Extravaganza
2017 St. George Trek
Polaris Program Launch
Lobster Fest 2016
Niagara Frontier Scout Shop
National Trails Day

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 Scout Executive Remarks

Spring is here and the sun is shining bright, and so is Scouting. The winter months were great for Scouting, and the spring is off to an incredible start. We had a strong winter season with two successful District Pinewood Derbies in Tatonka and Onondaga, successful District Klondike’s, and new Cub Scout packs joining our Council.


On April 30th we also had our first annual Council Scout Blitz Day. Thank you to all the volunteers and Scouts who participated in this event. I also want to extend a big thank you to our Council Vice President for Membership Darlene Sprague, who really helped spearhead the effort. Trying something new is always exciting and nerve racking at the same time, but it turned out to be a huge success. Scouting is all over our community now, and if you need membership supplies please let us know at the Council Headquarters.


With the tremendous help of our volunteers, on all levels, our Council is poised for membership growth. Our Council will also be introducing some exciting changes to the Popcorn sale, to make it more convenient and successful for our Scout units and families. We are listening to your feedback and delivering on our promises.


Our Council Camps will be back in full swing to, and we look forward to seeing all our Scout families out at Camp this summer. We still cannot believe how fast this year is going! We wish all of you a successful spring Scouting season, and look forward to seeing you out at camp this summer!


Thank you for everything you do, day in and day out for Scouting. Remember none of this is possible without your continued commitment and dedication to Scouting.


Russell Etzenhouser

Scout Executive/CEO of the Greater Niagara Frontier Council

 2016 GNFC Eagle's

2016 GNFC Eagle's (Newest to Oldest)

Eagle Eagle Date Unit
Jared Himes May 14, 2016 Troop 578
Andrew Henry May 11, 2016 Troop 506
James DiStasio May 5, 2016 Troop 22
Thomas Klenke April 28, 2016 Troop 483
Michael Morris April 28, 2016 Troop 483
Andrew Shelton April 25, 2016 Troop 173
Dylan Tomasik April 23, 2016 Troop 593
Lukas Baumgart April 21, 2016 Troop 468
Andrew Chowaniec April 21, 2016 Troop 468
Anthony Seefried April 21, 2016 Troop 92
Noah Weiss April 21, 2016 Troop 509
James Bevans April 19, 2016 Troop 352
Noah Munoz April 19, 2016 Troop 93
Jakob Moore April 17, 2016 Troop 261
Nicholas Couzins April 16, 2016 Troop 507
Abraham Stroka April 16, 2016 Troop 507
Lev Lascu April 14, 2016 Troop 58
Lyon Lascu April 14, 2016 Troop 58
Brandon Klimek April 13, 2016 Troop 545
Lucas Klimek April 13, 2016 Troop 545
Grant Guzek April 11, 2016 Troop 855
Kyle Tirone April 11, 2016 Troop 444
Andrew Helenbrook April 6, 2016 Troop 601
Daniel Koszuta April 4, 2016 Troop 659
Cody Broomfield April 2, 2016 Troop 643
Aaron McDermott March 31, 2016 Troop 468
Robert Crewe March 28, 2016 Troop 855
Joseph Yakovac March 28, 2016 Troop 42
Nathaniel Burnard March 18, 2016 Troop 154
Richard Hoover March 14, 2016 Troop 630
Timothy Raab March 14, 2016 Troop 400
Mackenzie Cloutier March 8, 2016 Troop 261
Dmytro Blundell March 7, 2016 Troop 400
Zachary Wheeler March 6, 2016 Troop 491
Becket Panfil February 27, 2016 Troop 421
Cory Gruenthaner February 25, 2016 Troop 554
Dillon Barrett February 22, 2016 Troop 483
Connor Croce February 22, 2016 Troop 411
Jayson Koscielniak February 22, 2016 Troop 483
Daniel Buscaglia February 18, 2016 Troop 618
Benjamin Hawkins February 18, 2016 Troop 841
Kevin Matuszak February 17, 2016 Troop 409
Kenneth Meshlovitz February 17, 2016 Troop 431
Bryan Bremer February 15, 2016 Troop 290
Matthew Chiavetta February 13, 2016 Troop 285
Tanner McMullen February 13, 2016 Troop 285
Travis Militello February 11, 2016 Troop 184
Joseph Gardon February 8, 2016 Troop 450
Adam Galbraith February 4, 2016 Troop 261
Liam O'Brien February 4, 2016 Troop 513
Jacob Jasinski January 30, 2016 Troop 429
Ryan Schiffman January 30, 2016 Troop 429
Elijah Strauss January 30, 2016 Troop 429
Hayden Holmes January 26, 2016 Troop 229
Daniel Hudson January 26, 2016 Troop 104
Nathan Bauer January 25, 2016 Troop 230
Thomas Slomka January 25, 2016 Troop 230
Ryan Zasowski January 24, 2016 Troop 8113
Alexander Wendley January 23, 2016 Troop 524
Henry Yaeger January 23, 2016 Troop 524
Noah Frys January 21, 2016 Troop 601
Eugene Maciejewski January 21, 2016 Troop 601
Ethan Rayer January 21, 2016 Troop 416
Austin Knorz January 12, 2016 Troop 93
Ryan Riley January 5, 2016 Troop 400
Nathaniel Burgin January 4, 2016 Troop 855

 Venturing News

Congratulations to Brandon Blatz from Crew 286 on being selected as the GNFC Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) President for 2016-2017.

Congratulations to David Chriswell and Dan McCartan who received their Venturing Leadership Award at the Council Volunteer Recognition Dinner April 28th

 Camp Stonehaven Beaver Day

Camp Stonehaven Beaver Day, Saturday June 11, 2016 9am to 3pm

4670 Albright Road, Lewiston, New York 14092

Beavers are hardworking and industrious, just like Scouters. Join us for a day of service to help get Camp Stonehaven ready for the fall camping season.


More information at


GNFC Training

Training is a Cornerstone of Effective Scouting Programs

Being a leader in the Boy Scouts of America is a privilege, not a right. The quality of our Scouting program and the safety of our youth members require high-quality adult leaders.

If You Are a New Leader, Start Here >

Information on training is organized by Program indicated by the following icons.  Training courses listed in the calendar will display one or more of these icons indicating to which program(s) the training applies.

Cub Scouts
Details on Cub Scout Leader training > 
Basic Training for Cub Scout Leader Positions Explained (pdf)

Boy Scouts
Details on Boy Scout Leader training, including youth training>

Basic Training for Boy Scout Leader Positions Explained(pdf)

Details on Venturing training for adults and youth leaders >

Training is available locally from District training personnel and ONLINE using interactive training modules provided by the Boys Scouts of America.

  • Check the Upcoming Training Activities & Events list on each page for information on local training sessions.

  • Visit and take relevant BSA ONLINE training.
    Need help setting up a My.Scouting ID?  Follow these instructions >

Information for Experienced Leaders

GNFC Training Contacts

GNFC Training Chairman
Ron Krawczyk - (716) 435-5083

GNFC Training Staff Advisor
Bob Blatz - (716) 512-6215

GNFC Training Chairs
Red Jacket: 
Tom Slomka - (716) 818-3791

Onondaga: Bob Germony - (716) 440-2372

Polaris: Dave Sepulveda - (716) 425-6535

Tatonka: Vacant

 Wood Badge N3-380-17

Wood Badge N3-380-17

Presented by GNFC

February 3, 4 & 5, 2017

and February 25, 26 & 27, 2017

Camp Scouthaven

Leadership for Scouting - Leadership for America

Do you want to become a better leader in Scouting, and your everyday life?

Do you want to know how to better organize your Pack, Troop or Crew?

Do you want your youth to get a better experience from Scouting?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you are a candidate for WOOD BADGE.

Wood Badge can help you become a better Leader, understand how to better organize your unit, and help you deliver that promise of Scouting to all Scouts, be it Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or Venturers

Please click here to register for this event.

For more information on Wood Badge, view the the article "Why Wood Badge" in the March/April 2014 issue of Scouting Magazine.

What's involved?

Wood Badge Training consists of 2 phases:

  • Phase I is the practical phase. That phase consist of two, 3 day weekends, 3 weeks apart.
  • Phase II is the application phase and lasts from the time you finish the practical phase up to 18 months.

You must be present at both 3 day weekends and you will have to attend small group meetings between the weekends in order to complete Phase I.

The 1st weekend begains at 7:30 am on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017 and conludes between 5:30 - 6:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 5th.  The 2nd weekend  begins at 7:00 am on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 and concludes between 5:00 - 5:30 pm on Monday, Feb. 27th.

You MUST attend all dates listed above to successfully complete the course.

During the weekends you will be developing a series of goals that you would like to accomplish in your Scouting job during the application phase. Once you have accomplished your goals to your satisfaction and that of the assigned counselor the WOOD BADGE will be awarded.

What is the Cost?

The course fee will be announced in January 2016. The cost includes the cost of all meals and training materials. Full Payment is encouraged at the time of registration.  However; to insure a place in the course, a minimum deposit of $75 is due with your application.  Future payments payments will be determined at a later date.
Who can Attend

All registered leaders in the Scouting movement are encouraged to attend. However, you must:

1) Have completed the basic training courses for your Scouting position:

  • Position specific Training for all leaders
  • The appropriate training course(s) taken prior to the 2001 training curriculum change are still valid for this requirement

2) Have completed the outdoor skills training programs appropriate for your Scouting position:

  • Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills for Boy Scout Leaders (others may take this course, if desired).
  • Scoutmastership Fundamentals is still valid for this requirement if taken in 2001 or prior.

3) Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. Successful completion of the BSA annual physical form is required for all participants.

Wood Badge is a Class 3 activity and requires medical approval.

Ready to register or look at the Application.  Please click on the links below.

                 Wood Badge N3-380-17 Application

                 Wood Badge N3-380-17 Online Registration

                 Wood Badge N3-380-17 Campership Application (Coming Soon)


For additional infomation, please contact the Course Director via e-mail or phone at the information below.

Course Director:

Chris Antholzner


 National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
"White Buffalo"

Date:  Sunday August 14th (4pm) - Saturday August 20th (10am), 2016 
Location:  Schoellkopf Scout Reservation,1373 Burrough Rd, Cowlesville NY 14037 (45 minutes Southeast from Buffalo NY)
Pre-Course Orientation: Parent and participants must attend one of the following dates:
Saturday July 16th 2016, from Noon-2:00pm OR
Monday July 25th, 2016, from 6:30-8:30pm 
** All medical forms, course paperwork, and dietary needs must be provided at the orientation**
Pre-Course Location:  Schoellkopf Scout Reservation,1373 Burrough Rd, Cowlesville NY 14037 (45 minutes Southeast from Buffalo NY)
$280.00 if registered before July 3rd, 2016  
$325.00 if registered after July 3rd, 2016
Registration Ends on Friday July 22th, 2016 or when the course is full.  Course size is limited to the first 48 participants registered.

Click here to Register

What is NYLT?

The National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the premier 6 days, 5 nights outdoor leadership experience geared towards present and future leaders of Scouting.
Participants will be engaged in hands-on training led by Western New York’s finest youth staff.  The training will cover skills essential to leadership within your unit, school, and life activities.  The training activities will mimic one month of your units program.  This program is youth led under the mentorship of trained adults who provide a safe friendly Scout environment.  

What are the requirements to attend NYLT?

  1. Be at least 13 years of age at the time of the course
  2. Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and at least be the rank of First Class
  3. Scouts must have Scoutmaster approval in order to attend the course
  4. Scouts must have a properly completed BSA Health Form

What Leadership Skills will the Scout will learn from taking NYLT?

  1. Developing effective communication skills, techniques to develop obtainable goals, teaching techniques including explaining, demonstrating, guiding and enabling others, and making ethical decisions.
  2. Developing the ability to meet new people and to form a highly functioning patrol.
  3. Learning safe outdoor skills including leave no trace techniques, patrol cooking with a lightweight stove, proper food safety, pioneering skills, backpacking techniques, and fire safety.
  4. How a patrol interacts with the Patrol Leadership Council and the Scoutmaster of a unit.
  5. Resolving conflicts within a patrol environment

Questions? Contact:

Bob Blatz - Council Staff Advisor
Phone: (716) 512-6215
Cell: (716) 445-5406
Ron Krawczyk - Course Director/Scoutmaster
Phone: (716) 435-5083
Brandon Blatz - Senior Patrol Leader
Phone: (716) 445-3350

 Powder Horn










High Adventure Resource Management Course


Jason Crosby, Powder Horn 2016 Course Director


POWDER HORN is a high adventure resource management course designed to introduce Scouting’s adults and youth to the exciting program possibilities for their unit.  It will help your unit safely conduct outdoor high-adventure activities of a fun and challenging nature.  Powder Horn is not a personal development course or a team-building experience. Its purpose is to educate the youth and adult leaders about specific high-adventure skills, to connect them to resources to deliver those skills, and to get them excited about delivering those skills in an exciting, challenging way to youth.

Who is POWDER HORN for?

POWDER HORN is open to adults and venturing age youth (14 and older) registered with the BSA. The cost to enroll in POWDER HORN 2016 is $50.  You don’t have to enroll in POWDER HORN for an activity, but some POWDER HORN activities may be limited to those enrolled.  You can’t earn your POWDER HORN without being enrolled.


POWDER HORN 2016 will run as a series.

June – Paddlecraft Safety*   register

July – Sailing with Sea Scouts

August – Backpacking, Cooking, Bushcraft, Astronomy, Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard, Sailing, Navigation

September – Mountain Biking, Conservation, Living History

October – Geocaching, Orienteering, COPE


*Credit will be offered for other high adventure trainings.

The program is still developing so watch for updates and many opportunities to earn your POWDER HORN.


Membership News

Spring recruitment will again focus on Tigers.  Units that run a summer program (just 3 activities all summer) are encouraged to do a Spring recruitment of Tigers.  Materials are available for distribution in schools and churches and the community.  And sometimes, Wolves and Bears sign up too!

Is your Unit's BeAScout Pin up-to-date?  

Not sure what this is or how to update your pin?  Check out this link

Is your Unit represented?Who is minding the Membership Store?
Over the last couple of years, a new position was created called the Unit Membership Chair.  This position is meant to be aliaison with the District and Council Membership and Marketing efforts.   We would like every unit to identify someone to fill this role.  The person would be a point of contact for information and updates as well as be invited to participate in District Membership and Marketing planning activities. Please let your District Executive know who that might be in your unit.  It could be someone filling another role like Committee Chair.  We would like to get them on a distribution list for the upcoming year.

It Never Ends!!!!

Recruiting new scouts is not a once a year event, it is an ongoing effort all year long.  Scouts can enter the program at any time and begin earning advancements whenever they arrive.  They just pick up the program wherever the Den or Patrol is in the process.  You might consider a mention in your faith based institution near or around your unit.  Put some Boys Life mini mags in the dentist or doctor office near your unit, with contact information on them.  Please ask permission first.  Mini mags are available free at the Scout Office.
Darlene Sprague
Council Membership Chair


 2016 Popcorn Extravaganza

Please Join Your Council Popcorn Team at the annual 2016 Popcorn Extravaganza

Thursday June 2, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Daemen College Wick Social Room

All units must send their Popcorn Kernel and we welcome either your Committee Chair or Top Leader to the training event in order to be eligible for your bonus commissions for the Fall 2016 Popcorn Sale.

We will cover everything your unit leadership needs to know about the 2016 popcorn sale; dates, unit planning, best methods and, of course, new updates for the sale. 

Light dinner will be served from 6-6:45 so please be prompt.

There is no cost for this event and we want to encourage Popcorn Kernels to bring their unit's top leader or Committee Chair to learn more about the program.  Parents of top sellers and Scouts can also attend.  Please let us know you are coming!

Location: Daemen College’s Wick Social Room (same place as last year).
Daemen College is on Main St. in Snyder, just west of the thruway (I-90).

Click to Register

 2017 St. George Trek

2017 St. George Trek, July 5 - 20, 2017.  The St. George Trek is the National Catholic Committee on Scouting's high adventure Catholic leadership program for older Catholic Boy Scouts & Venture Crew members at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  The program brings Catholic high school youth from around the country together with selected priests, religious and seminarians for eleven days of backpacking in the context of a vocation retreat.  The Buffalo Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting will conduct a search and send one Boy Scout or Venturer (an $800 value)to the Trek.  The earning of Scouting's Religious Emblems and involvement in church, school and scouting activities is given consideration.  An application form must be filled out and submitted by June 30, 2016.  Forms may be obtained at the GNFC or the Diocese office.  For more info contact James Smyczynski at

 Polaris Program Launch

 Lobster Fest 2016

 Niagara Frontier Scout Shop

Niagara Frontier Scout Shop

Your place to shop for Scouting needs

2860 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14225

Phone (716) 891-1689
Fax (716) 891-1910

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM; Saturday 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

We're now on Facebook.  Search Niagara Frontier Scout Shop or click on the link below and like our page to stay up to date with every sale and event happening here at the Store!!!


Thorlo Sock Sale- Buy 2, Get 25% Off Each!

Through June 18!


New Line of Coleman Products!

We have a new line of Coleman products in store now!

Check your trailers and closets! 

Troop and Pack Leaders: We have propane stoves and lanterns in the shop now.

Everyone: We have 4 person & 6 person tents, sleepings bags, and air mattresses.

Use this link to contact Brian:

Attention Scout Units - Important Tax Information:

In order for a purchase at the Scout Shop to be considered tax exempt, it must be purchased by either:

  • Cash
  • Unit Check
  • Unit Debit Card
  • Unit Gift Card

We can no longer accept personal credit cards or personal checks for Tax Exempt purchases per New York State Tax Law.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Check Information

Because we are a National Scout Shop, please make any checks (unit or personal) payable to "BSA", rather than to the council. Our bank will not accept checks made out to the council.

Gift Cards

Did you know the Scout Shop has gift cards? They are available in any amount and are a perfect choice when you don’t know what to get your favorite Scout or Scouter. They are redeemable at any National Scout Shop.


 National Trails Day


Greater Niagara Frontier Council #380, Boy Scouts of America, 2860 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14225
Service Center Hours:  Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Phone (716) 891-4073 - Fax (716) 891-4008
Scout Shop Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Tuesday 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM;
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