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disAbilities Awareness Merit Badge
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Description: disAbilities Awareness Merit Badge
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Registration Begins: 1/9/2014
Last Day to Register: 2/13/2014
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Cost: $12.00 per Participant

Museum of disABILITY History

The Museum of disABILITY History is dedicated to advancing the understanding, acceptance and independence of people with disabilities. The Museum’s exhibits, collections, archives and educational programs create awareness and a platform for dialogue and discovery. 

This is a full uniform event.  Scouts must bring a blue merit badge card signed by your unit leader.  Bring a bag lunch.  Leader supervision is required.

For more information contact Janet McNevin at 629-3625 or


  1. Purchase and read the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge Pamphlet.


  1. Complete Requirement: Please leave with Blue card when you come in. Will need it for credit.


  1. Do the following requirements:


#4: Visit TWO of the following locations and take notes about the accessibility to people with disabilities.  In your notes, give examples of five things that could be done to improve upon the site and five things about the site that make it friendly to people with disabilities.  Discuss your observations with your counselor.

            A) Your school

            B) Your place of worship

            C) Your Scout camping site

            D) A public exhibit or attraction (such as a theater, museum, or park)

Part 1:  List the two places you visited/observed

Part 2: Do not worry about the "notes: part for each location-if you want to write something, you may but I will not require it. 

Part 3:  You need to list 5 things that could be improved at each site and 5 things that make that site




#7: Name five professions that provide services to people with disabilities.  Pick one that interests you and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession.  Discuss what you learn with your counselor, and tell why this profession interests you.

Part 1:  Use the employment packet you received to list 5 professions that provide services to people with disabilities. 

Part 2:  Pick one profession from those five and briefly describe the education, training, and experience required for that profession. 

Part 3:  You must also discuss why the profession interests you. 


For more information, please look at the museum’s website:        


Activity Location: Map:  3826 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14226, US
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Bob Blatz

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