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Geology Merit Badge
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Description: Geology Merit Badge
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Registration Begins: 7/16/2013
Last Day to Register: 9/26/2013
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Cost: $12.00 per Participant

Penn Dixie Site

It all starts with rocks!  There's nothing that doesn't depend on them.

Scouts must bring a notebook and pen.  Also bring a blue merit badge card signed by your unit leader.  Dress for the weather.  Adult supervision is required.

Family members are welcome to participate for a $7.00 charge at the site. 




Read the Geology merit badge pamphlet prior to event and be prepared to answer questions.

Requirement #5 Complete ONE of the option A, B, or D.

If scout picks option A the prerequisites are:

  1. Surface and Sedimentary Processes Option
    1.  Conduct an experiment approved by your counselor that demonstrates how sediments settle from suspension in water. Explain to your counselor what the exercise shows and why it is important.

4.  Conduct an experiment approved by your counselor that shows how some sedimentary material carried by water may be too small for you to see without a magnifier.

5.  Visit a nearby stream. Find clues that show the direction of water flow, even if the water is missing. Record your observations in a notebook, and sketch those clues you observe. Discuss your observations with your counselor.

If scout picks option B the prerequisites are:                                

  1. Energy Resources Option
  1.  Do ONE of the following activities:
    1. Make a tabletop display showing how oil and gas or coal is found, extracted, and processed. You may use maps, books, articles from periodicals, and research found on the Internet (with your parent's permission). Share the display with your counselor or a small group (such as your class at school) in a five minute presentation.
    2. With your parent's and counselor's permission and assistance, arrange for a visit to an operating drilling rig. While there, talk with a geologist and ask to see what the geologist does onsite. Ask to see cutting samples taken at the site.

If Scout picks option D the prerequisites are:

D.   Earth History Option

  1. Create a chart showing suggested geological eras and periods. Determine which period the rocks in your region might have been formed.
Activity Location: Map:  4050 North Street, Blasdell, NY 14219, US
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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Bob Blatz

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