Community Days - Joseph Davis State Park
Description: Community Days - Joseph Davis State Park
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The Buffalo Audubon Society is organizing a work day at Joseph Davis State Park in Lewiston to collect live stakes from willow trees and plant them to repopulate the park’s natural foliage. The coordinator of the event has reached out to us, as well as to the Iroquois Trails Council, to get scouts involved in the project.

This project is an easy, light-on-planning way to get service time, and a great way to enjoy a beautiful day in the park. It’s also a good way to meet a few scouts from our neighboring council. I know we’re working with short notice here, but please pass this on to your scouts and their families. It isn’t necessary for an entire unit to attend in order for a few to participate, but please remember that, though the Buffalo Audubon Society is coordinating the event, youth should be accompanied by proper leadership according to BSA standards.


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