Mammal Study Merit Badge
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Description: Mammal Study Merit Badge
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Registration Begins: 8/17/2012
Last Day to Register: 10/9/2012
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Cost: $12.00 per General

Tifft Nature Preserve

Learn more about your own "class" as you explore the world of mammals - characteristics, individual traits, habitats, and development.

Scouts must bring a blue merit badge card signed by your scoutmaster.  Bring a bag lunch. 

Leader supervision is required for each event. 

Read the Mammal Study Merit Badge Pamphlet
Do one of the following:


  1. Spend three hours in each of two different kinds of natural habitats or at different elevations. List the different mammal species and individual members that you identified by sight or sign. Tell why all mammals do not live in the same kind of habitat.
  2. Spend three hours on each of five days on at least a 25-acre area (about the size of 31/2 football fields). List the mammal species you identified by sight or sign.
  3. From study and reading, write a simple history of one non game mammal that lives in your area. Tell how this mammal lived before its habitat was affected in any way by humans. Tell how it reproduces, what it eats, and its natural habitat. Describe its dependency upon plants and other animals (including humans), and how they depend upon it. Tell how it is helpful or harmful to humankind.
Activity Location: Map:  1200 Fuhrmann Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14203, US
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