In the link below you will find the handouts from our 1st Jamboree meeting last Thursday. 


1. The Jamboree Equipment List - What to Bring has been changed so that you can see the uniform requirements (after tent picture)

2. Pictures of the Jamboree patches have been added.


Here is the link for the Program Presentation ->





  1. Registration/T-Shirt & Fleece sizing (included in packet from November meeting)
  2. Opening
  3. Welcome & Updates
  4. Program - CLICK HERE
  5. Medical Forms
  6. Troop Breakout - Patrol Assignment a leadership position elections - CLICK HERE

Presentation from January meeting ->


You should have received the email below concerning Jamboree medical forms.  It was sent to the email address that was used in your registration.  Only you can update this email with the BSA National Jamboree so even if you gave us a new email address your must log on to the Jamboree registration dashboard HERE to update it.  


BE PREPARED on being fit for the Jamboree


Here is the email you should have been emailed by BSA National Jamboree.


The system for submitting your Annual Health and Medical Record information for Jamboree is now available! Jamboree participants can access the new online medical form from their Jamboree registration dashboard


The new online system supports Internet Explorer version 9 or later, Firefox version 14 or later, and Chrome version 21 or later. You may need to upgrade your browser if you are currently using an older version. A user's guide for the new online medical form can be found here if you need assistance in completing your medical information.





For those that were interested in the presentation from the Mar. 7 meeting it can be downloaded here


This presentation was largely adapted from this document from national


For anyone that did not receive a catalog by mail, it is available online here -

If you cannot access the catalog online and did not receive on in the mail please call 800-323-0732 for more information about the mailing. 


HOW TO PACK for the Jamboree ->


For those that had questions about medical form part D, it is available online -

It looks like there is nothing to complete on this form which is probably why it did not print.


For anyone having problems with the curriculum selection, such as not finding the button to to so when you log in.  If you registered as an adult participant, for staff or any other reason, you will have to log in as the scout for curriculum selection.  Logging in as an adult participant will not give you to curriculum selection.





The helpline number for the registration/dashboard website is 972-580-2000


Program presentation -


Here is the website to review the Council Jamboree Patches.


There is one correction that needs to be made as per National Supply policy:

For every $100 you spend on CAMPING EQUIPMENT ONLY you will receive one free $20 Gift Card. (If you spend $200 you will get $40 in gift cards, etc.) 

Again, free the $20 gift card applies to Camping Equipment Only (not uniforms, insignia, etc)
That is not to say that you cannot use those $20 Gift Cards on uniform purchases.


For your Jambo uniform needs please contact, Brandon Rueger - Scout Store Manager <> or 716-891-1689


Reminder - Jamboree Medical Forms are due on Monday, April 15 - a copy of the medical form is needed by council.  Please drop a copy off at the GNFC Council Office even if you have mailed it to the national office.  Your troop needs a copy of the form for the travel time to the Jamboree and back.  Any questions, regarding medical forms please contact Jamie Prowse <>.


The next Jamboree Contingent Meeting will be Thursday, May 16

And remember the Shakedown weekend is June 22-23.




Linked below is the information from the May 16 Contingent Meeting.


Our shakedown campout will be June 22-23.Please complete the registration form linked below.