Council Popcorn Sale (New Info Coming April 2017)

Greater Niagara Frontier Council Council Popcorn Sale (New Info Coming April 2017)

Council Popcorn Sale (New Info Coming April 2017)

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Improve your Unit’s Finances
With the Council Popcorn Sale

unit commission structure

bonus incentives

Popcorn Training Videos

Why sell popcorn???

Selling popcorn promotes the Scouting value of being Thrifty – which a Scout can and should earn his own way. By working hard, a Scout will have a sense of accomplishment. It could be said that the Scouting adventure can be powered by Popcorn.

There are many ways your unit can participate in the Popcorn sale. You can do a Show N Sell where you set up at a specific location, i.e. in front of Value, with product ready to hand out to the public as they pay for it. Another method is the Show N Deliver where a Scout sells and delivers the product at the same time typically door to door. The third method is the Take Order which would entail selling to family, friends, and door to door and then delivering the product at a later date. The final and newest method is online selling. Scouts can send emails to friends and family out of town, inviting them to support them and purchase popcorn. One or all of these methods can be implemented.

There are a variety of contests and incentive programs that have been set up for this year which include:

• $600 program – Scouts will earn a choice one of our three special prizes selected by the popcorn team.

• “Fill A Sheet” Recognition Drawing

• $2,500 Trails End College Scholarship Program

• $4,000 Seller’s Prize Vault Unique GNFC bonuses

• Individual Unit Prize Program

• SUPER GRAND PRIZE 65” Flat screen TV

2016 Popcorn Sale Dates

June 2nd: Popcorn Extravaganza!
6:00 to 7:00 PM
At Daemen College – Wick Center- Amherst

A fun-filled event for leaders, emphasizing training and giving scouts the tools to sell. Helping leaders to create the atmosphere, positive environment, support, encouragement, accountability, follow up, goal setting, weekly updates and achievements to be successful and fund their program. We will also roll out the 2016 plan for all units, along with new products and prizes and incentives, and showcase some of our best units and their sales methods. We will have plenty of prizes to give away.

August 3rd: Council Popcorn University
Unit Kernel Orientation and Online Training includes breakout sessions for kernels of varying experience levels. Take Order Forms will be available that night. Additional order forms will be available at the GNFC Service Center throughout the sale.

Sale Begins August 3rd and runs through October 29th

August 16th: Show and Sell Orders Due
Show and Sell/Deliver orders due on the online system

August 27th: Show and Sell Pick Up
Show and Sell/Deliver product distribution to units at warehouse. Call Lenora to schedule your time.

October 29th: All Show & Sell Returns Due
Returns to warehouse site (TBD) 8am to noon.
Early payments accepted.
*Only full cases can be returned. No mixed cases.
*Show and Sell returns will NOT be accepted after Nov 1.

November 2nd: Popcorn Order Due Online
Take orders AND Unit prize orders due online.

November 18-19th: Popcorn Distribution
Take order popcorn distribution at warehouses. Units must call Lenora at the GNFC office at 716-512-6217 by November 16th to schedule a time for pick up.

December 12th: All Popcorn payments due to GNFC

Keep in touch with weekly emails from Popcorn Central! If you do not receive the weekly E-Kernel emails, please let us know immediately at or Thank you!

Visit Trails End at

Please direct all questions regarding sale information to your District staff members. District staff will help you with your problem or will find answers for you from the appropriate resources.