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Protestant Committee on Scouting

Overview and History of the Committee:

 The Protestant Committee on scouting to the best of our knowledge, can be traced back to the 1948 when Richard (Dick) Rugg, and active member of the Council of Churches, who was also a Boy Scout Professional Leader, contacted Mr. Vesper Wurster, a scout volunteer and active member of his church about forming a Protestant Committee Scouting in the Greater Buffalo Area. The Reverend Doctor Harlen Frost, who was Executive Secretary of the Council of Churches at the time, gave his blessing and support to the committee. Other members of the Council of Churches such as Mr. Henry Thompson; Mr. Edward Stripp, former president of the Council of Churches; and Mr. Theodore (Ted) Masterson who were also active scouters, assisted in the formation of the active committee. The Reverend Julius Koch who was at the time head of one of the larger denominational bodies in the city also became active with the committee. Since its inception it has maintained a close working relationship with the Council of Churches. NOTE: The Greater Buffalo Council of Churches has since been replaced by the Network of Religious Communities for over site purposes and assistance in fulfilling the major duties of the committee.

 Key Members of the Committee:

Gerald Hodgson Committee Chairperson     
Charles Walker Committee Vice-Chair
Michele Maybach Secretary
Gerald Hodgson Treasurer
Rev. James DeLair Coordinator of Chaplains

Protestant Committee on Scouting Events 2010

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Major Duties of the Committee:

  1. 1. To promote the God and Country Program which was then administered by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. These awards are now administered by the various denominational institutions under the coordination of (P.R.A.Y) Programs of Religious Activities with Youth and are esteemed by the National Scouting Movement and approved for uniform wear.
  2.  To furnish Protestant Scout Chaplains for the various Boy Scout Camps (long term) and Scouting events (short term camping and special occasions).
  3. To conduct religious conferences for the Boy Scouts and the various denominations, and to act as a contact between the churches of Buffalo and the local scout council. In order to accomplish these major duties and to further the twelfth point of the Scout Law (Reverence), we would be pleased to have you join the committee. If interested please contact one of the above listed key members of the committee.


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